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  • I love ajpw

    By Dagreatestcrewmate
    I cannot get in the game. I get in to the loading screen and I was waiting for an hour before giving up and YES I was on WiFi. Edit: tysm for replying and I love the game, but it is just WAY too hard to get sapphires! I don’t have a membership and I was playing minigames for a WHOLE YEAR just to get a hundred sapphires for a my shop that nobody even buys from. But I still love playing the game I just think you should make things in the sapphire shop cheaper or make it easier for free players to get sapphires. Just a suggestion that would make the game even better than it already is. Ty
  • Too glitchy

    By cvbg57894
    Game has been freezing on the loading screen. Plus, you need to make it easier to retrieve a username
  • A great game but there’s some things that can improve

    By we need more cool add ons
    Aquatic animals are needed. Just like I in aj classic we should be able to go as underwater animals and have the 3 biomes. And do not do anything big like surprise box or bundle. I would like to just buy the aquatic animal with sapphires and also! Enough of the bundles and surprise boxes. They are really pointless. Just have them at a high sapphire price at the sapphire shop. But I do think aj is a good game. But like I said you need improvements. Also quit censoring when I’m saying numbers like 3000 or others. And stop randomly logging people out of their accounts. Sometimes they can’t remember their password and they end up losing it and having to restart.
  • Love the game but

    By prrt7
    Don’t get me wrong, animal jam is an amazing game. It’s got a lot of opportunities and is a great way to spend time. Since COVID however, it’s been going downhill. The game has become more and more money based, and I’m afraid it will eventually get to the point where it is fully pay to win. There are tons of in app purchases that are quite expensive. The other thing is, most of the updates aren’t even that good. Usually, when there is an update, I would look forward to it. But recently, it’s just been getting worse. The same old retextures, no good skins, the same den with a different theme, weird new additions that make no sense, and nothing that really adds to the game overall. For example, the February update brought the glacier retexture. Before that, it was Galaxy, light side, dark side, golden, golden Galaxy, and rainbow. There’s nothing new. It’s all boring. We also need better Leilani trades. Hopefully in the next few updates we can get some actually creative thinking. P.S. Yes, there have been a few good updates, such as the masterpiece update, unicorn update, and gifting trees. For the most part, however, it’s getting boring.
  • Won’t sign in or log in no matter what, can’t play the game.

    By SigmoidalHawk01
    I love animal jam a lot, but I can’t sign in or log in to anything. It is like this on ALL of my devices, my tablet, my phone, and even my iPad now! It is very annoying, since I have a lot of alt accounts, and I trade stuff through all of them. It is WAY too risky to put the stuff in my my shops, since one of my buddies could buy it while I am switching accounts. And I can’t even play animal jam on my phone or iPad because nothing is working! This has been going on since yesterday!
  • Needs new pets

    By will make better
    Hi I am flatmagnet1057 and I would like to see more cool pets like pet dragons, tokay geckos, and mor Norse and Greek mythology pets plz plz and it’s very very very hard to collect sapphires so can you make more games too please read and thank you From flat magnet1057 you can reach me at 941-334-3723 plz and thank you
  • Can’t sign back in :(

    By Jellyfishllama
    I love love love this game! I play it with my older sister but I have one MAJOR problem, I make an account and I play it a lot… like 8 hours at a time, I get pets and sapphires but then I leave the app and go back on later and it says “your session has expired. Please resign in” (or something like that). I go to sign in, I use correct user, password, and email, but then it says “We are having a problem signing you in. Please be patient while we search for an solution”. I’ve registered my account several times, but I still can’t log back in. I would just stay a guest jammer, but I can’t friend my sister or trade anything. I’ve tried searching for other people with this problem, but nobody seems to have it. My device is updated and everything, I just can’t seem to find a solution.
  • Very good game but some problems

    By gugiggyyvuggyvuyg
    Animal jam is an awesome game it’s fun entertaining and I love the clothing and places but I have the membership and they usually give me 500 sapphire but I never got them I was so confused and also it sometimes kicks me out but over all it’s an amazing experience and game hope animal jam ceos or whatever sees this.
  • Bug you need to fix

    By mechanic282130
    Don’t get me wrong, this game is great. Love the way you are hooked into the game by wanting to get animals. But I recently got a new phone because my old one broke and I can’t log into my account. I am putting in the right username and password but it is not working. Please fix this. Thank you.
  • AJ please read.

    By era jedi
    So great game. I love it. But few things, make it less expensive pls, and PLEASE LOW THE BAR FOR CHAT MODERATION. I got suspended for a day because I said my buddies username. (Will not say). But it’s a great game. Genius idea, love role plays, and great job on the buddy feature!!! Thank you animal jam for raising me, and giving me a good childhood!!!! :) :)