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  • I love this game

    By Grandma Grace 9
    However its a bit limited. I wish we could pick and arrange furniture. The color choices are often weird. It will display a color in the room that has no real matches in furniture or extremely limited choices. This game also only rates a super “matchy matchy” room as a 5.0… limiting artistic expression and the ability to get the grade.
  • Love game but…

    By Tex-Nanno
    I absolutely LOVE this game. It is my favorite hands down. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is it’s incredibly EXPENSIVE to play. I spend more than 300.00 to play it for just 2-3 months and then have to stop for 7-8 months due to the cost. I know that 95% of my friends have completely stopped for the costs alone. I wish I could play it all of the time. Another positive is if you find yourself needing tech support, the agents are really quick to respond, very friendly and more than willing to do everything they can to help you. Two changes I REALLY wish they’d make, both would help extend my duration of play 1. Give us back the items we had to put into the “My Homes” decorating. They aren’t judged, no one ever sees them and decorating them shouldn’t take away from our inventory. 2. Give us more than 5 uses per item. If you’d increase it to 10, I could double my length of playtime and wouldn’t hate the amount of money it costs me to play nearly as much.
  • Nice

    By Medrom1
    Me gusta mucho este juego, la verdad esque tiene muy buenos eventos y te la da libertad de decorar a tu manera. Sin embargo siento que para comprar artículos de temporada no te alcanza a menos que dejes guardados tus diamantes por varias semanas para que logres comprar todo el set. Y si esque te da tiempo es lo único que le veo mal que para poder tenerlos hay que pagar no es tan accesible a varios muebles
  • Disappointed

    By Xxxxokay
    I love this game and has played it for years now, but every time I play now it’s never a score of 5, but in the beginning it was a 5, not saying I’m the best but at least give me a score of 5 every now and then. Or is it because I decided not to buy the diamonds

    By aniston yates
    I loved this game and would occasionally make $4.99 purchases to buy props. When I was making a purchase, the game glitched and charged me $200! I reached out for a return, but they refused. I wish I would have never started playing this game!!
  • Disappointing

    By Charlatan999
    I am just about done with this. I put a little money into it to build up an inventory. However, I am limited to certain items in each design. Also I cannot buy pieces I’ve had in inventory earlier when I want to repurchase. It’s purpose is to try to entice you into buying over priced items to get more diamonds to play. If they only get a few who do, they win! Can’t afford it and it’s repetitive and restrictive.
  • Awesome

    By gseare
    I love this game but wish it was easier to figure things out so not really the game just the people made the game its great otherwise tho good job guys🩷🤩⭐️🦄
  • So Different that it stinks now

    By alysco2003
    I played this game years ago- I was addicted. I played for near five years and owned so much merch that it was near a crime when I finally stopped. I was number one with all my friends and I was up there in levels. I still left because I pent way too much money. Then I missed it.Badly. So I came back and got into a few rooms. Basic, compared to where I’d been previously. The only thing is, the play isn’t the same. It’s more expensive and you HAVE to play certain rooms and challenges before you can move on. Before, you got to pick and choose which rooms you entered. You got to choose if you’d play according to what you owned. Now it’s all a required thing and it’s just not fun anymore. I just don’t like it. So again, I m leaving the game.
  • Missing Decor

    By devonne18
    I just paid 750 diamonds for a piece of art work that’s no longer in my owned inventory or the games inventory. I’d at least like my diamonds restored.
  • Really fun! But..

    By Cat l-v3rxx
    This game is really fun, I saw it in an add and decided to download it. It’s a really great game and it’s pretty enjoyable and I really had a lot of fun playing it, I also got a few extra diamonds just because I had less than 2000 diamonds. But I’m pretty sure you only get this one time. Also the results when you design a room take a long time to get in, and it’s very very very expensive, I designed probably 7-8 rooms and didn’t have money left to design anymore. Also I don’t think the packages are really worth it. Like $5.00 just for 3-4 pieces of furniture, that’s not really worth it to me. Overall I do suggest downloading this game though, it’s pretty nice to play occasionally or if you just want to pass time.