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  • They ENCOURAGE you to spend money!!

    By Rina Be'nay
    UPDATE: I made it to New Orleans and at this stage I’m ready to file a class action lawsuit against big fish games and the developers of this game. If you have made it past level 5 without using boosters then great for you. I am getting ready to start screen recording myself play and upload it so everyone can see the cheating that takes place. Big fish games you are disgusting at what could is a fun game to play but you ruin it with your cash grabs and messing up boosts that we have. Original Review: The thing is that this game is fun but the blatant CHEATING that this game does is unreal! It may be a level where you need 24 people but they will only send 23 then giving you the option of buying more people. To which you must have a certain number of spoons, Oh wait, I had to use my spoons on the last level that you cheating me on by not sending the people or me having to have a certain amount of money but sending people in to but $2 worth of ish!! It’s fun but this game will really have you wanting to throw your phone across the room and I’m over it!!! I need to learn how to develop a game because this the new way to make money! The Tokyo level is by far the worse! Unless you have money to keep spending on boosts you can forget it!
  • Awful

    By dancly
    This game never connects correctly and now I’m permanently on 0 lives and can’t play.
  • Update

    By Reviews from JL
    This game is amazingly addictive and super fun and playable without having to spend actual money. However, with the most recent city I am on, it has become impossible to advance without using several boosters. I am pretty far in this game and know how to play it well. There are certain levels for which a booster (hardly two) is required. However, in the city of Cape Town, in the first restaurant, I am encountering several levels in a row where multiple boosters are required. I am fully leveled, but am still falling way short of meeting the goals. What gives?!
  • Update?

    By Bardbead
    It’s been a long time since the game had an update. I’m out of cities!! Love the game play it daily. I have just been going in and getting my bonus rounds.
  • Need new country

    By RN6 Fan
    I wish they would hurry and add the next level. I love the game, but am getting frustrated not having any new country to play.
  • Money

    By kattnhuff75
    So, we have to pay to play? Why aren’t my hearts replenishing? Where’s the time clock? If this is not corrected by tomorrow,I will delete the game. This is the biggest money grab I’ve ever seen. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Can’t play anymore

    By jqmzsdhr
    Consistently showing no internet connection
  • Love this game

    By Kkayk1
    I’m excited for the next level!
  • Do not install!

    By Kara901
    Great game but they don’t ever provide any updates in a timely manner. When they do it’s the same seasonal special events. Never anything new and their customer service is horrible as well! They send out generic responses and don’t resolve any issues.
  • Crashing

    By Sumaiyya Curry
    I’ve been playing this game for years. All of a sudden I start to play and it keeps crashing, never an update to fix the problems.