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  • Second phone number

    By cleras225
    Very fast and easy texting phone number app,that you can be texting friends and family without having any problems
  • Receiving Text

    By Octavius son of Caesar
    My company text messages will not come through on Phnoer!!??
  • Great app!

    By ClarritysHeart
    Easy to use
  • Too complicated!

    By djmaroff
    Instead of keeping the options simple, they bombard you with 500 different ways of paying. They give you a free number with a few minutes on it. Then they tell you need points but they don’t tell you the minimum so that you keep buying points but can’t use the number. oh, but then you can watch videos to earn minutes. Of course, if you don’t have a number that is active, you still have to buy the minutes anyway to use the free points you get from watching videos. Doing my taxes is easier than using this garbage app!
  • Trash app

    By Alex's1987
    I only do 4 phone calls and nothing else later didn’t work. Piece of trash app it doesn’t work, don’t recommend at all to anyone please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
  • App is great and easy to use but

    By new jarjar
    I wish when you use the lookup feature, it will allow you to add the found information to your contacts. Also would be nice if it had a separate app only contact list with ability to change sounds for ring and text per contact. Otherwise I like it, and the price is reasonable.
  • Cancel my subscription

    By Youkay2y
    $10 for just 1000 messages…. That is fraud pls cancel my subscription and refund me
  • Very poor service

    By Tntjrjtktktkktkktktk
    Very poor

    By Sako80
    I will never use this service. I used it to run my business. 1stly when I made my monthly payments to them my subscription would be suspended until I inform them that my account has been paid then I have to send PROOF that it was paid and this went on for 3 mos which cost me loss of business due to the lack of proper accounting for my account. They then decided to suspend my account yet AGAIN due to as they say my account was flagged for SPAM. How? It’s a business and people do call several times. In order to get my account back after a week of loss of business, they wanted my name, address, ID, and whether I use the account for business or personal. I answered all questions then they add insult to injury by wanting my businesses address, the business ID number etc which is a gross invasion of privacy as this was not required when I applied for the account. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOT REPUTABLE NOR HAVE THEY EVER BEEN ABLE TO DO GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES.
  • Terrible

    By Tcopper1578
    Customer service is horrible. Error 50 message constantly. Go with another texting app.