MyCircle with Disney

MyCircle with Disney

By Circle Media Incorporated

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-05-23
  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.13 MB
  • Developer: Circle Media Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
Score: 1.5
From 426 Ratings


Get the most out of your Circle device with MyCircle, the personalized dashboard for each member of your family. Each family member with the MyCircle app gets access to an amazing Disney content feed including videos, blogs, GIFs, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more! Some of the awesome features include: CARDS • Experience great content like videos, articles, and games curated by age. • Discover content from Disney’s best blogs sent directly to you. • Get dozens of games to play in your feed, with tons of options for you and your family. DASHBOARD • Enjoy a personal dashboard that mirrors your family’s unique Circle settings. • Keep track of your Time Limits by app, category, and platform. • Receive a countdown for your BedTime. • Get a simple overview of your time spent online. NOTIFICATIONS • Receive notifications on your mobile device when your Circle settings are in effect (e.g., time limit reached; Internet paused; bedtime). CIRCLE GO™ • Circle Go allows you to enable Circle’s features on your kid’s devices on any network they join. Even 4G. • At home or on the go, Circle settings remain in effect no matter where your family travels.



  • The worst app ever made

    By ESEPanda
    I realize that kids on here are rating 1 star because everyone hates having time limits on their electronics. Just like a previous comment, I hate circle, but I’m here for a completely different reason. For starters, circle go does not know how to count seconds or minutes correctly. The people that reply to these messages can say whatever they want about this, but this is TRUTH. I have an hour of time every day, and as I started playing on my phone, I kept a timer of how long I was actually playing. Later, it said I reached my 1 hour daily time limit. I checked the stopwatch and I used exactly 20 minutes. I’m bad at math, but I do know one thing: 60 does not equal 20. Second, the app makes your phone run very slow. I can’t even play YouTube videos, let alone any type of video on my phone at all since I had circle put on my phone. Seriously, it takes like 20 seconds to load when I type “cats” into the google search bar. Online games do work, but they are very laggy with circle. I even deleted the app once and my phone actually loaded correctly, it played videos, etc. I put circle back on my phone, and the issues started up again. Lastly, it blocks me at random intervals. Even if I still have time left on my 1 hour time lim... I mean 20 minutes, it’ll randomly turn of messaging and I can’t even send messages to people. That’s bad because if I am in a situation where I need to get a hang of my parents, I’m screwed. I mean, I guess I can delete the app, but that’s the only way. While I have been dissing circle with all of its horrible features, your parents do care about your time of electronics. If you have this app, then your parents just chose the wrong app. Ask them to get a different time limit app instead of one that will just lag, glitch, and do all this crap. P.S. I had to send this a day late because I ran out of time while writing this review. Also Disney, you have plenty of money, just make people happy and take this dumb app off the store.
  • Circle go drops off phone over and over.

    Bought a Netgear nighthawk router with circle embedded in it. Good idea, just have a problem getting tech support. We purchased circle go monthly subscription and on my sons phone it just keeps dropping off. Doesn’t even notify me when it drops off. Just disappears from phone. Called circle and was told to contact Netgear. Netgear says to contact circle. So now I have hardware and software that I paid for and pay for monthly that does not function as it should and no one can tell me what’s wrong.
  • If your a parent

    By BattDude209
    This app will 99.9% separate you and your kid. I am warning you, if you love your kids skip this app

    By GinnyWeasleyIsCool
    This one app is what kills trust between a parent and kid. If a parent wants to set limits, just take the phone away. Simple, and they can look through it too. Instead, these kids and even TEENS feel like their parents don't trust them and the parents don't seem to care. Whoever made this app needs some serious social lessons, and needs to learn that their creation is ruining families. Just read all of these reviews from kids and teens, it speaks for itself. Don't even get me started on the ridiculous price, this is disgusting.

    By Ktclick2
    This app is terrible! Whoever invented it should kill themselves and be done. This app made my daughter suicidal and I haven’t even started on the bugs. This is the worst thing you can do for your child. Any parents who think this is a good app are idiots. I swear this is the worst app on the internet
  • Disney...

    By jdbxhsnbd
    Why is Disney getting so offended when people write a review giving the app constructive criticism, and feedback?? It just shows that they know the app is completely terrible.
  • Good concept, doesn’t work

    By fhshsvhsjdjhdvhddbdbbdjd
    It’s a good concept for controlling screen time but it doesn’t seem to work. It often cuts screen time short and blocks them from using it earlier than the designated time. Also the “reward time”, which is just time added to a limit for that day, doesn’t work either. It says it adds time and it notifies the device but doesn’t actually allow anything to happen. It is additionally very slow and takes time, it’s a long process to add time to devices which is why I won’t be using it anymore. Apple has a free screen time and restrictions app which is more reliable and simpler. Like I said its, still more of a concept, it doesn’t feel complete more like a prototype of sorts. Really disappointed in the quality :( WOULD BOT RECOMEND!!!!!
  • Not doing what it’s supposed to.

    By Tyijia
    This service interferes with FaceTime calling, iMessaging, and so many other things. 0/10, I do not recommend.
  • ugh

    By agree01
    the wifi at my house was already pretty bad before my parents installed “my circle” on my devices. my family consists of three kids and two parents, we each have at least one device and even having the app installed is slowing the wifi connection down a ton. i end up using up all my data because of it. i understand the point of this app and i know why it’s useful for parents with younger children who won’t cooperate after bedtime, but it’s not useful for everyone.
  • How to delete completely

    By swwop
    I’m deleted the app but it still restricts stuff at the most random times? How do I get rid of the software completely.