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  • The best

    By VinciPro
    The best browser i ever used in my entire life thanks.
  • Leo is poor AI search

    By Bob448801
    Tried to ask Leo about forgiving student debt and received a weak, albeit bias, response that directed me to a different search engine. There are lots of pro and con arguments on the topic. Somehow, it stumped Leo! I readily use Brave for mundane searches.

    By The Blonde Cookie
    I updated to 1.63.2. I will preface this by saying that I’ve been online since 1996. So while I'm not an IT professional, I'm not a newbie, either. I admit I don’t use your browser all the time, mostly because it is an ongoing struggle for me. I am used to Duck Duck Go, and switching over isn’t nearly as intuitive as I’d hoped. This morning I was attempting a simple image search - a 3 word search string, looking for some iPhone backgrounds/wallpapers. I had the cellular data setting ON, local network setting ON, Brave set as my preferred browser, I had the image settings to “None,” (and then changed that when I STILL wasn’t able to see any images). Like AT ALL. None. Nada. Zilch (What’s up with that?) I’d love to switch over, but if it’s gonna be this twitchy all the time, I might have to stay with DDG…against my better judgement. Because at least I don’t have to mud wrestle it to find what I want.
  • My favourite browser

    By Aayooyaa
    I switched to Brave from chrome and it is everything I needed and hoped for….great browser and blocks YouTube ads🙏🙏
  • Recommend worldwide download

    By cristain toribio jr 1
    I recommend worldwide download this brave one best browers and gave your suggestions feedback to app brave browser good or bad and I hope see new update every day and good day u
  • خرا

    خرا في خرا
  • pretty sick

    By callmesolstice
    i have it on my phone and my laptop this thing is awesome. especially the automatic reader mode, the ad payment system, and the tracker blocking. its only been a month and theyve blocked like 1k trackers so far
  • Deleted After Update

    By theJoelNetwork
    Brave had proven yet again why you should never update your software unless you want more bugs and less feature. Blank pages on search and losing all tabs on update. Wish I could go back.
  • Good browser, add the option to remove the share button from the dock

    By Screeny64
    Pretty good, sometimes a little harder to find my results than with safari (more about overall ui) brave search is surprisingly good. Also please add the option for custom wallpapers

    By name huh?
    Stop trying to connect the wallet every second. It’s so irritating.