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  • Lags like it was designed by children

    By Erik Soong
    Seriously, get yourselves together dev team
  • please fix the video player, perfect otherwise

    By MR.HANKY_52
    the video player is horrible, everything else is amazing though. i could scroll for hours but the video player is pretty trash
  • Reddit's app gets worse and worse

    By BobDaBilda
    Removed features, unnecessary redesigns, changing where essential functions are in the app, adding things just to have something to add... All the signs of a company being mismanaged, or being under new management. What's next? Who knows. Probably won't be good.
  • Great site

    By ANT757i
    Love the flow of the site smooth mobility
  • It’s as good as you make it

    By shortstop
    Be nice.
  • Nearly unusable

    By DanoN3t
    Scrolling is broken. It’s slow and jerky. Content is filtered and audio is crippled for many subreddits. You can’t change it on app. The content presented to you in the app vs directly on the website are not the same. It’s declined over time instead of improving. Alternative Reddit apps for iOS are lacking but looking better every day.
  • Just got it and love it

    By im a fave of fgteev
    This is great
  • Liberal cesspool

    By Philip987
    Liberal cesspool
  • Terrible!

    By Quade22
    I have voiced my opinion 3 times and have gotten my accounts banned. Yet I’ve seen videos of people getting shot in the face point blank in graphic detail. And on top of that porn is posted all over the place. Does anyone not see anything wrong with this? I voice my opinion and get banned but people can show morbid stuff and still it’s completely fine. Sounds insane to me.
  • NoSleep

    By NicknamesAreRigges
    I love reading r/nosleep, it really helps me sleep. Other parts of the app can be weird sometimes