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  • Update Loop App Doesn’t Work

    By zep100
    Trying to use this on my iPad Air. App throws a warning that I need to update to a new version. The new version only works on iOS13+ which is not supported by my device. The warning goes in a loop and I can’t use the app at all. Sometimes the app glitches and warning goes away with content playing fine. I just want to watch some tutorials and am fine with using the old version - could you please fix??
  • Unable to Authenticate

    By maverick79sf
    I’m being forced to use the web version since your app refuses to log me in with the same email address I’m able login on your web site. Update: I did manage to log in after an uninstall/reinstall but this shouldn’t be the norm for this kind of issue. Please fix the authentication issue within the app. Thx.
  • Authentication issues

    By Stranger Fruit
    The app continuously asks me to log in. When I do, it opens the web version of the main LinkedIn webpage and then does not allow me to see any content.
  • Had to change original rate to 2 because..

    By revbillfixjr
    Have learned a lot in different areas needed strengthen in, but when time permitted me to take time off, started back up and finished a course, having listened to each lesson, instead of getting the “share course” and “share certificate”, got a “open all courses” link and it commenced to start course all over again. What flaw did your latest update do to go astray?
  • No Apple TV app

    By Archkittens
    The app would be perfect for Apple TV, but there’s no Apple TV version.
  • Does not show keyboard for sign in

    By JStexan
    The app does not even show the keyboard to enter the user ID on the sign in screen for iPad seventh generation. I have removed and down loaded the fresh app from App Store but it still doesn’t work
  • Update does not work.

    By $ggdsvvkssico
    The ask me to update the app but I have old tablet, and they don’t let me use it
  • App opens incorrectly

    Im aleeady signed into my LinkedIn app on my phone when I get ready to use the Learning app although I'm logged in already it keeps opening in the embedded Safari browser instead. Its says the app version is 2022.1117.1729 is that correct?
  • Conned into subscription

    By Alycja
    I clicked on “free trial fir a week” and before I knew it my card was charged for a year and I couldn’t get a refund. Beware.
  • Library doesn’t exist

    By nutella_98
    The reason I like LinkedIn Learning is because in the days of things worked fine. And that was boring. When things are broken, that’s so much more exciting. Such is the case with LinkedIn Learning. I don’t use LinkedIn, but I use my library card to sign-in. It works fine on the mobile app, but when I try to sign-in in the browser, it says that “this library does not exist”. Yay! Great job, as usual…