Heroes of Loot 2

Heroes of Loot 2

By Pascal Bestebroer

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-06-07
  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 65.63 MB
  • Developer: Pascal Bestebroer
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.27273
From 11 Ratings


"TouchArcade game of the week" 9/10 - Pocketgamer Support, tip and tricks: http://www.orangepixel.net/forum/ Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: http://orangepixel.net/subscribe ------- After their job, of keeping the dungeons in balance, was done, our heroes needed a new job. Roaming the lands they found a call for heroes, a castle in need, possible even a damsel in distress? Pick two heroes to take into the adventure, controlling both heroes and using their special skills to navigate the dangerous castle hallways, rooms and floors. Switching between the two characters to solve quests, puzzles, and of course clear the dungeons of all evil. Quests - The dungeon is full of problems, let's call them quests. These problems range from simple "find a key" to "use magic powers to light all magic candles and open the magical gate". Different types of quests require different solutions. Use the skills of the characters in your party to complete these quests. Weapons - Your characters are your main weapons. The Elf shoots his arrows through multiple monsters, the Wizard has unlimited magic, the Warrior has a powerful melee attack with his hammer, and the Valkyrie besides having a quick spinning-melee attack can also detect secrets and important loot. The characters can level up to increase their firepower, or find rare loot which enhances your character for short periods of time. This includes magic spells! Secrets - Find secret rooms, level-skipping teleports, secret items, and more! Perma-items - You will be able to unlock magic spells by collecting 4 shards of various magic books. Once all shards are collected the magic is unlocked. It's also possible to increase the strength of this magic by collecting the magic shards multiple times. All unlocked spells will stay unlocked even after you die, making you more powerful on your future attempts to reach the final boss. - MFI support



  • Works for iPhone? Um....

    By 9077pants9077
    Bought this for iphone7. Game is zoomed so far out that it makes it nearly impossible to distinguish your characters from your enemies from room clutter. I tried to zoom in, but haven't found a way to do so. I'm actually a little ticked off to lose $4 because though the app store says it "runs" on an iphone7, it's not "playable". Update:. Unplayable on iPad 2017. I can see everything at a decent size now. But walking around and interacting with enemies etc is in slow motion. I've heard the expression "dungeon crawl" and now understand what it means. Update:. A soft reset of my iPad and now the speed is quick and slick! Muuuuch better. Update:. Reset my iPhone to. And speed is much better. Still to small to be enjoyable.
  • Good game

    By CalebGamer
    It's fun kinda addicting amazing gameplay and of course good job :) :) :)
  • Great game, controls could use some work

    By K41namor
    The game is outstanding. It would be one of the best dual sticks on ios if it was not for the controls. I play with a mfi controller and the only time if I have died was because the controls are jittery. My character will shake to the left or right which makes the game impossible in the later levels when there are many traps and you need precision. So I tried to play without my controller and for me it's unplayable, it becomes an entirely different game where you can only fire in 4 directions which makes it no longer a dual stick shooter. So if we can get the controls fixed this is 5 star game for sure. I want to die because I make a mistake, not because of the controls.
  • Loot heros

    By Souleater33
    It good I just feel like it hard to move the characters
  • Apple TV ?

    By Rik Catlow
    Love to see this come to the Apple TV. Large screen and MFI support would be killer.
  • Very fun, but...

    By Pyk
    It does have its share of issues and problems. The TouchArcade review does a great job of covering the problems.
  • Fix the controls!

    By Switters72
    Would be a good game if the controls weren't so frustrating. Moving around is just glitchy and unnatural.
  • My favorite rouge-like

    By Chris Harte2
    This has become the best game to click and play, easy to learn controls and challenging gameplay make this an excellent game!!!
  • Update 1.1.1 touch screen issue

    By Chris Harte2
    Ok my bad for giving the game a terrible review, this is actually one of my favorites but since update 1.1.1 was issued to help Mfi controls the touch screen pause button seems to be inaccessible and I don't know why, once again sorry for that terrible score I gave this is actually an excellent game!!
  • Thank you, dev

    By do not harm ferrets
    Playing on iPad Mini 4. Previously this got 1 star for difficult controls, but within a few days the dev has included a sensitivity option which greatly improved the playability of the game. The directional sensitivity is very high, still, but this should be manageable with practice. The game itself is turning out to be a fun dungeon romp, albeit very unforgiving of mistakes. If you like a challenge, this might be right up your alley. There are some minor annoyances, such as object throwing being unintuitive, enemy drops disappearing very quickly and meta progression seeming very slow. But, overall, a good game.