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  • App rate

    By capmbells
    I used this app very helpful has all of the older cat numbers and pictures that you can clearly see and compare to the ones I have
  • Accurate for pricing

    By hawaiiTatian
    Overall it’s pretty crappy and inconsistent and the prices don’t match, you’ll waste all your credits just trying to search. The company sent me an email trying to bribe me to give them a five star review and they give me free credits, they never responded so I’m leaving my honest review of this app,
  • Nice app

    By rsdg30
    Nice app, easy to get prices
  • Eco Cat

    By exmoneys1420
    So far the app has worked real well for me. It has helped me establish prices and to know what to pay for and what to expect.
  • Needed help

    By point for humanity
    I was attempting to make my way through this app, but I failed horribly. So when I asked for help much to my surprise, I got just that. I am NOT a tech person (or reader of fine print , not an invitation), and they understood that I was lost and used my credits to help me accomplish my goal. Which is being an individual seller with a dozen or so cats who would no longer be able to get ripped off by buyers who lie about values. Thanks for the help and not pushing this old dog into learning new tricks Thanks Siriwan I think I found something here
  • Scam company

    By anttoneinthezone
    Beware , rip off . Cond into leaving a positive feedback for an error and never fallowed through .
  • Do not recommend incomplete app

    By Fujggb
    A large majority of codes you search don’t not show in the system or pictures The support Team takes over 24hrs to respond due to what seems to be people in another country responding, i paid 220 for the year for one of the poorest catalogs I’ve used I think Apple should remove this app until they provide what they offer if you plan on going around from shop to shop and need accurate numbers and quick service this is not the app to use
  • Prices are to low

    By jon embry
    I downloaded this app and tried the few credits they give for free and out of the 4, 1 of them wasn’t in the data base. The other three wasn’t really close to the price we got for them. We’re getting almost twice what this app was showing. Plus I lost one credit because it found a cat from a partial number the I accidentally hit enter on. It’s a very well made app but they’re leaving way to much money for the end buyer. (Which is probably the app developers). If you use this app, add about 40% and that’s what a good end buyer would pay. There’s still plenty left for them at that price.
  • Cat

    By Vgljaggahha
    Best app accurate get a bang for your buck
  • Scrap

    By cudtie
    Wonderful app very convenient and simple to use