Informant 5 Calendar

Informant 5 Calendar

By Fanatic Software, Inc.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-11-30
  • Current Version: 5.45
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 102.80 MB
  • Developer: Fanatic Software, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 4,332 Ratings


Informant is a trusted planner app with Calendar, Tasks, Projects, and Notes. More than just a calendar app, Informant also organizes your tasks into projects, and has many options for your agenda organized. Informant is a planner in your pocket. Free calendar app version or paid version unlocks more sync options and tasks, projects, contacts, and notes features. It works with native Apple data including iCloud, Exchange,, Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, Yahoo, AOL and more. Easy Immediate Setup. No account required. Use your current calendar accounts (free) or setup a Informant Sync account (paid feature). NEWEST FEATURES: -Improved Time selector: now using button pad input -Use Siri to create tasks in Informant -New weather feed -Email-to-Task: View emails & easy turn emails into tasks. MOST LOVED FEATURES: -Customizable calendar layers & views: Use both local and iOS data calendars at the same time with direct sync options to various services. -One purchase covers iPhone and iPad -Show tasks and Calendar together on one view -1 Day Daily Planner view -7 Day Stacked Week calendar view -30 Day monthly calendar view with tiny-text and emojis -*Projects with Tasks, subtasks, and checklists -Focus View: combines weather, and current day tasks and events -*Sync: Informant Sync, Google sync, Native (iOS) data and more. -*Triggers: create templates for frequently used appointments & tasks that you can trigger while typing event/task name -*Saved Filters feature allows you to combine your calendars together into multiple display views while keeping the data separate. -Powerful Customization of views, colors, tags, emoji, and sync options. -Offline access. Access all your data, all the time. Internet connection only required for syncing. -Trusted developer. Developing calendar & agenda apps for 21 years. -TravelAssist: helps with scheduling appointments that will take place in other time zones. -ForceTouch on App (when device supported) Icon for: Create new Task/Event/Note - 3 Task Modes - Simple, GTD, or Franklin Covey. Manage your tasks in your own way! -*Email integration. View emails & easy turn emails into tasks. *CONNECT BUNDLE (*Requires Subscription) •Sync Options Include: Google Calendar & Tasks, Toodledo, Evernote, and Informant Sync • Weather and Email integration Sync Options Note: Informant can access Native Apple data calendars/reminders so you can set up iCloud, Exchange, 365,, AOL, Yahoo, and more.. 2 WAYS TO USE #1) FREE • Essential Calendaring with Apple Calendar support • No Tasks/Projects, Notes, Contacts • No Connect Bundle #2) Subscribe • Full features Access including: Full Calendaring, Tasks, Contacts, Notes with access to Apple Events and Reminders • Free Updates • Connect Bundle (email, sync & weather) • Choose: -Monthly: (30 days) -Reverts to Free version after subscription ends -Quarterly: (90 days) -Reverts to Free version after subscription ends -Year: (365 days) -Get a 7 Day trial of full version by selecting this option. Subscription automatically renews and your account will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions are billed through iTunes every 30/90/365 days (as selected by you) until cancelled. Manage subscriptions including cancel or auto-renew on/off in iTunes Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. SO MUCH MORE! Visit for more information! Our privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions: Franklin Covey, GTD and Getting Things Done are Trademarks of their respective owners.



  • Everything deleted

    By Velicydee
    I’ve been using this app for my business appointments for a few months and I have loved it but this morning I woke up and all my appointments were gone. Not one has saved. Is there a way to back it up?
  • Going downhill?

    By Lutzbone
    I have used PI for many years, and have yet to find anything that touches it in terms of customization and flexibility, especially for the price. It works great most of the time. That said, things seem to be going downhill just a bit. Here are my thoughts: The good: 1) You can customize this app to work with almost any organization system you use (or dream up). You can even use different aspects of different systems. (e.g. Franklin Covey priorities, but with a GTD inbox, which is my setup) I’m unaware of anything that comes close to this level of flexibility. 2) Sync is generally reliable with only a few glitches that usually sort themselves out. I make it a habit to clear out my completed tasks; that alone has helped the sync reliability greatly. I’d love to keep an archive/diary of completed tasks on all my devices but I don’t really need it that often, and it’s all backed up on my computer if I need to refer back to something I did a few months ago. 3) $25 a year is a good price for the service they offer. I am happy to pay for a quality product and to support a developer who cares. 4) This seems to be a small company run by good, dedicated people. I’ve only had to contact support a handful of times and they’ve been spot on. The CEO himself has responded to my issues at least once. The bad: 1) Informant 5 for me is a downgrade from Informant 4. It was pretty much perfect, and then had to “improve” it (which unfortunately happens to every app - I’m looking at you, iCal -> Calendars/Reminders!) Pretty much the only improvement for me from v4 to v5 is dark mode. Even after using v5 since it came out, I still miss the v4 interface and still find myself going back to it. Specifically, I miss the in-app badges (not the badge on the iOS home screen, but the badges within PI). I also prefer the old customizable tab navigation in v4 compared to the “home screen” setup in v5. Swiping left or right to access shortcuts in v4 was way more elegant than the “wheel” they introduced in v5. I wish PI 4 had dark mode; then I would just use it all the time and ignore PI 5 altogether. Happily, both versions can coexist and I can go back and forth with no issues. (knock on wood! v4 is discontinued 😕) 2) The Mac version, although it continues to improve, still feels a little “beta-ish” compared to the iOS app. Changing priorities doesn’t always work, sometimes when you drag and drop things, they don’t go where you put them, there is no undo (!), Evernote sync crashes the app, etc. There are a lot of little details, none of them really annoying enough to warrant a support ticket on its own, but they all add up to make the Mac app feel half-baked compared to the generally rock-solid iOS app. 3) Informant event locations don’t play nicely with the native iOS/Mac calendar location services. When I add a location to an event in PI (Mac or iOS) and then look at it in the native iOS/Mac calendar, it doesn’t populate as a location (meaning “time to leave” and other native iOS location-based features don’t work). I think maybe it’s because PI adds longitude/latitude coordinates to the location, which confuses the iOS/Mac system - or maybe it’s something else to do with the formatting of the location field. Anyway, the solution is to edit the event in the native Mac/iOS app and enter/edit the location there. Then all features work as expected. A minor annoyance. 4) I get the feeling that their support is a little overwhelmed/understaffed/underpaid compared to the early days. It takes them a bit longer to respond and their responses are not as well thought-out as I remember in the past. They are starting to lose that small company feel. A lot of people have complained about them switching to a subscription model. I get that that’s annoying but also understand that they need to keep the lights on and at the end of the day, $25 a year really isn’t that much money for what you get. As I said, I have no problem supporting good people making useful stuff. My concern is that they’re starting to feel like a bigger company with a less personal touch, but their product, especially the Mac app, still has a “home-baked” science-fair-project feel. Check out the developer responses to a lot of the complaints on here, and you will probably notice that they don’t seem to be listening with the intent to understand and help, but rather they seem to be listening with the intent to reply and defend their choices. Unfortunately this approach further entrenches their mistakes, rather than allowing them to learn from them. Overall, I will stay with Informant for the foreseeable future, as they offer a fantastic product at an incredible value. But I am always on the lookout for something better. I wish Life Balance by Llamagraphics was still around or could be integrated with PI in some way. That would be amazing.
  • I like the layout

    By Jvojtek
    This is exactly what I needed. To be able to visualize the events of the day while still in full month view. But I really really wish they had an option to share calendar with others so that others could see my schedule. Maybe there is a way but I could not find it. If that became an option I would change my rating to 5 stars
  • Favorite Calendar, but have 1 annoying issue.

    By IbelithLP
    I love this calendar and I use it all the time. The only problem I found recently is: 1. It kept crashing a few times after I corrected the tasks. It would crash when I clicked save.
  • Powerful app - coming back to life

    By ismilez
    I've been a paying user for many, many years. (Palm girl) The previous iteration of this app (PI4) was 100% 5-stars all the way, then there was a rocky transition to PI5 a few years ago which turned a lot of loyal users off. Many of us are still here (or came back) because of the powerful capabilities and customizable interface that sets this app apart from the rest. Throughout it all, this app has definitely remained better than every serious calendar app I've tried so far (7+). The level of detail and customization available to the user satisfies my OCD tendencies, while still remaining easy and efficient to use. What's great is you can have a simple interface or an extremely detailed & customized interface, depending on your personal preference or need. The developers push updates appropriately. Some apps update and change so often it becomes a hassle to keep up. PI5 updates when needed. The few times I've reached out to their support team, I was happy with their timeliness and helpfulness to resolve my issue or simply answer my question. If you're happy with a simple interface, there are lots of choices, including this one (& you may find your needs grow into this app). However, if you want ultimate customization, several sync options, good support, and the most detailed month view out there, I believe this is one of your best options.
  • Information 5 calendar

    By Hiripple
    Great app.
  • EH

    By Tech24073
    I tried this app for a while and found it to be full featured but not intuitive and sometimes a little buggy. I was going to try it again today, I really would love the app to work. Then I read some of the developer responses to customer reviews. Your approach is basically to call your customers a liar. This app will never make it onto my devices again.
  • Longtime user

    By DixieTheDog
    Been a user since Informant 3. Finest and most powerful calendar app, and with a first class support team. I’m still discovering all I5 can do to simplify my life.
  • What Happened? Horrible! Buyer Beware

    By Annelieseteresa
    After making what was portrayed to be a “one time” purchase years ago that included all the features that are offered in the current version, I open the app to find that only the calendar is now working. After writing to support, I find that I need to re-buy the features that I owned before as part of an “upgrade”. I am then told that if I hadn’t installed the upgrade that I could have used the old version, but since I bought a new iPad and installed my paid app, I now owe $25 all over again. In my opinion they took advantage of long standing customers to make a money grab - pure and simple. Customer support told me that there is nothing that can be done! Beware of going with this company because some day you will turn on your app and realize that they are re-selling you the same stuff all over again. I will never trust this company again, and am deleting the app.
  • Great

    By Mark WN