Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

By Epic Action LLC

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  • Release Date: 2017-06-28
  • Current Version:
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 135.67 MB
  • Developer: Epic Action LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 38,759 Ratings


Rally your troops, deploy your traps, and prepare for the largest battle the Realm has ever seen. Lead your forces to victory and dominate the Realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile MMO experience that delivers massive warfare and thrilling adventures on your device. The possibilities are endless in the Realm. Want to ride a Chocobo to scout an enemy Empire? How about fighting Monsters and raiding their lairs for rare loot? Explore a vast world bursting with content as you build, upgrade, and fight your way to glory. Infantry, mages, cavalry, and siege units are yours to command and level-up. Put your army to the test by fighting alongside your Guild — and even competing in colossal Realm-vs-Realm events! In addition to defeating foes, you can enjoy countless features, including: - Unlock new playable Heroes like Lunafreya, Gladiolus, and Ignis - Build your very own Empire and set powerful Traps to halt your enemies - Craft weapons and armor for your Hero, from Gladiolus’ Hardedge to Aranea Highwind’s signature lance. - Battle Monsters and scavenge their lairs to uncover rare loot. - Chat with players from around the globe, receiving real-time translations in your language Be bold or be destroyed. Summon your strength in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:



  • Wickedwelder

    By Wickedwelder
    I have been playing this game for a year now and invested a ton of money into it Now the game developers are telling me that a bug ruined my account with the new monster farm update and I have lost thousands They tried to compensate me with pennies of what I have into this game. Telling me that it is the best they can do for their mistake I am seriously mad that they don’t just reset my game to fix their mistakes The developers here are not here to help They just want your money and won’t even fix the problems that they create. This is a horrible cash and greed game Do not get this app !!!
  • Waste of time and money

    By One of many sad users
    If you don’t spend hundreds of dollars on booster packs you will not be able to do anything in this game. The players with deep pockets beat down the lower players making it impossible to move up. The lower level players end up playing defense in hopes of growing till they finally quit.
  • Money pit with terrible support

    By Moat Monster
    My advice after playing this game for about 8 months is don’t bother. While fun at first, and the interaction between players can be enjoyable at times, this game becomes a MASSIVE MONEY PIT, and it will take you between $2000-$3000 in pack purchases to stay remotely competitive. Even that will be short lived as the developers continue to add more levels, stronger troops, stronger monsters to train, and more powerful heroes. Do yourself a favor and find a game that’s worth it and not so focused on pay to win, or the packs don’t cost $100 each. This game will be dead in another six months.
  • An incredibly disappointing monotonous grinder

    By Bucky Barnes WS
    This game is not at all what the ads said it were. The ad is actually a mini game that you only get to play once every 24 hours. You're mostly building parts of your kingdom and waiting. Training armies and waiting. Growing crops and waiting. Mining and waiting. Everything is waiting. It's not as active as you would like. When you're under attack you're pretty much just waiting for it to happen. You can't fight back Except with whatever troops and traps you have at the time. And even then you don't get to see any action. You're either on fire or you survived. The monsters are one slow march towards that one slow march back. Everything seems to be a lot of old by paying. You can do a lot for free but you were definitely aware of what you're missing if you're not paying to play.
  • Really like the game

    By Chomp3r
    I really like the game but I don’t think it’s cool that y’all send out all the 4.99 deals then as soon as you buy one you can’t get those deals any more. I don’t often buy bonuses because I do t really have the money for it but when I can I do. Now it’s 19.99 for any “deal” that’s cool to those ppl that can’t buy higher packages. Y’all should still send out the 4.99 deals! But y’all are money hungry! Not cool man!
  • Could be good but too many ads and bugs

    By Bardlady
    The game could be great. I don't usually put money into games, but I started to enjoy this one, and $5 isn't too much money. But then you couldn't do anything without logging in to another pushy ad for money... $20 now. But I'm still enjoying the game, so I buy it... And now I can't use an item I bought because it's bugged and the game developers do not respond to tickets. Oh, the next tier after $20 is $100, occasionally you might find a "sale" for $50, but always a nag screen to buy something else. And now the nag screen stays up for several seconds and you cam not tap out until it does. Finally, the player base is typical of internet games... Vulgarity and empty threats, juvenile teenager style behavior. There are chat filters which help with the profanity but you can't block out the spamming threats and public airing of dirty laundry. I'll take my money elsewhere. Uninstalling.
  • Don’t play this game

    By Malice#1
    I’ll be the first to admit this game can be fun. Sadly, you’ll never make any progress past level 30 without paying through the nose. You’ll only have access to the very base game if you’re not willing to pay $100 US per pack and one pack isn’t enough to even make a dent in progression. There are other players who pay thousands of dollars to get the highest levels, the best additions, the best gear and these players will trample you every chance they get. They’ve made it so you have to pay even to survive in this game. I’m ashamed in myself for spending a dime on this. My advice. Forget about this mobile app. Wait for steam summer sale and get the real FFXV game. That one is a decent play. Frankly I’m disgusted with SquareEnix for letting these chumps use their brand.
  • This app cannot figure out sleep!

    By heyjohn
    This poor title has a number of issues related to playability, but the most obvious is its revolting inability to properly load data when started or awoken. Doubled app loading times result. Avoid until fixed!
  • Worst game ever

    By Crooks718
    Don’t give EPIC your money the game is all pay to win!!! Things don’t work you will be bullied all day long. The requirements to build make no sense 365 days for one building unless I spend 100.00 a pack and the pack contain tons of useless item!!! I tried to stay for friends because you will meet nice people who share and gift you things in a guild a good one. But it’s corny people don’t war it’s just an elitist game so they can virtually stomp on the little guy too. And they are putting reviews on here to make it look good the game is empty and they know it.
  • What is this?

    By EmpressEKV
    The playable ad is a tower defense game. The actual game is an idle upgrade-these-buildings nonsense that just has me tapping on things mindlessly. Deleting.