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  • Fun! A must get!😍😍😍

    By utnn
    Please download this! It’s fun you can read the nature of animals books and add them to your favorites
  • Amazeing facts

    By pop4244 make me cool
    It’s. A fun learning app and I love how it’s like aj 5 stars
  • I wish some gave sapphires pls add it

    By SwettyGirl8476
    I also wish that no toy codes were “invalid “ what in the 🌍! Over all I love it alot I think PrettyJammer62 (aka me but my real name is Ryelee) loves it soooooooooo much love u guys!!
  • It’s great just…

    By necwiucfnhruicghgiurtehgi
    This is an awesome game but when you put the code in, what do you get? Gems! You always get gems for the prize! So I would like if you could also get sapphires from the ebooks (like 5 sapphires) when you put the code in and also…WHERE ARE THE EBOOKS FOR AJPW? Sincerely, Lionsheep36
  • Um......uh......its...just......its just boring k?

    By Vahid_gian
    Listen for those who want to install this app Its boring I prefer instead of having it....delete it after one day! It# an app that basically tells you about animals. NOT ALL! Its not like you search lama or like orca or red pandas no! Its not there are a few so please read this and i hope I’d helped you about this app have a REALLY nice and fun and great day take care and bye! 👋🏻
  • Not good

    By 415678
    It is a little boring but it’s okay
  • Like it but…

    By Galaxyfoxii
    I love this app but there needs more animal books Like CHICKENS,and Maybe bunnies? Also please add more challenges on the books? Over all this is a pretty good app I would recommend it when you learn about animals!
  • Can’t redeem code

    By Tarona46
    I play animal jam play wild (i think), and the only reason I downloaded this is because I heard that if you get the quiz right, you get a reward on animal jam classic and play wild by redeeming the prize code. So I downloaded and read about foxes. I redeemed the code and got some gems, so I went to read another book, this time about otters. I redeemed the code (AWSOMEOTTER) but the code was an error! But if you want to just try to get a prize in this app, I recommend downloading animal jam (PW or classic) because then, this app will just be about reading books about animals, and doing quizzes, not about sometimes getting prizes in an awsome game.
  • Good but

    By wild dash
    This is a good game but I wish there was a monkey book so please add a monkey book please
  • I Love this!

    By cupcake_roses1
    I love reading and when I found this app I was so happy there was more books on there then animal jam, I blasted through all the books, when I saw them. And maybe in animal jam can you make a whale animal and a whale book?