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  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By Foxes1010
    Cute / Fun for anyone who likes a good game
  • I can’t open the game anymore after the update

    By McDonald’s chicken sandwich
    I tried to play this game recently and it told me I needed to update it, but when I go into the AppStore it says I already have the most recent version and it still says I need to update it whenever I open the app.
  • Nice, but one issue

    By Zennexl
    This game is cute, I do like the pet designs. One issue, Are you able to catch pets that have maxed out stats already? It’s just annoying catching the same pet 10 times in the same run, it’s so annoying. You can even catch the pet your using which makes no sense at all because there can’t be two, right? Otherwise it’s a good game.
  • Great game expect for 2 things

    By GamingBlair
    So it’s a pretty good game, but first of all, you can catch the same animal multiple times. And after you catch like 10 animals, you only catch the animals you already have mostly. Like I have like 50 animals and now it feels like it’s almost impossible to catch a new one. I’ve caught some stupid bunny like 12 times in one round. The other thing is something creepy. An animal named spot has a really eerie and creepy look that’s separate from the other animals. And her description is ??? For food and toy and her description is “ Spot never forgives Spot never forgets” like what
  • GREAT GAME!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    By Puppyfoxzoe
    This is legit one of the best games ever! A must get. And anybody whose being very picky can just chill. Think about it guys, if you couldn’t get pets you already have it would be WAY too easy and you could finish the game in a span of 2 hours. The game is perfect just the way it is and wildworks must be one of the most outstanding creators ever! I have one teeny idea though. Since I know you made Animal Jam as well, why not add pet turtles?? You already have the ideas down due to dash tag and would be super cute! Anyway, just an idea! Keep up the good work!!! I would also like to add that it would be nice to be able to do something once you’ve gotten every pet. I have every pet minus a few super rares, plus 19463 emeralds (I’m not even joking with u) now I RARELY (no pun intended) every play because it’s sort of lost the purpose and tension of playing. Still a great game!
  • You are really dumb and stupid if you read this. J.k!!!! Slay queen yassssss

    By kbaig
  • Great game but needs more

    By Amaze pro
    Dash tag is a great game don’t get me wrong but, overtime you catch all the pets and it becomes a little less fun. Ive caught all the pets almost I'm only missing like five but there super rare so it’s hard to get them. This is the second time I’ve downloaded the game I did it to restart because I had all the pets. It’s not very fun starting again from nothing so the only thing I ask of the game is to add more pets.
  • Surprised it even updated?

    I started playing this game last year, when I was younger I was obsessed with Animal Jam. So when Animal Jam first released this game, I would play it on my moms phone. I lost all my progress after she got a new phone. Years later I remembered it and started playing it again in 2023. It gives me such nostalgia, and heals the kid in me. It’s actually kind of funny this game ended up updating. I never thought it would, and I went into the game fully knowing. I hope the creators of this game understand how much of an impact Animal Jam made on me. The game itself after the update is laggy, I can’t see the emeralds I have, and the pets kinda glitch putting the wrong character. But honestly I don’t really care? Thanks for updating it, it makes me happy to see. I’ll always be a jammer.
  • Completely in love! So happy to see Dash Tag get some attention from WildWorks after so long<3

    By jamudg
    Dash Tag is a wonderful, silly game, and I’m so excited to see that it has received an update at long last. I’ve collected every single pet (including Party Pup) and now I’m trying to max all their stats out. I really hope the folks at WildWorks continue to update the game so that there’s new pets and bug fixes. It has its challenges for sure (desperately trying to get THAT ONE LAST PET for example), but that’s part of what makes a game a good game! I think that maybe once AJ Classic and AJ players receive word of Dash Tag’s revival, it might see a resurgence. I’d recommend making the news known to all your fan bases so we can enjoy more Dash Tag content!!!
  • good but buggy

    I’ve had this game since I was a little kid and I absolutely loved it. recently I reinstalled it to play it again and it was just how I remembered it was, until this new update. I updated the app and while it has great features it could use a lot of work. for instance, when you look at the pet list of what you have and don’t, some pets show up that you don’t have and others disappear that you do have. when you look at the itemized list of every pet, spots where it’s supposed to be a dog there’s a random bunny there that I’ve never gotten, and there’s multiple instances like this. ever since the new update it’s been a little buggy but overall I’ve always loved this game, keep it up! 💕🫶🏻