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  • How do you ruin a game?

    By jsherry2
    Answer: Take one of the best engineered, technically excellent games ever created, and give it the worst matching algorithm ever conceived. I thought World of Tanks was the worst, but this game seems to get only progressively worse. At least in Arena, Arcade and Metro Royale.
  • Alright

    By iVoid YT
    Definitely not as good as CODM but this game is alright even tho the controls are clunky and the graphics are poor but overall it’s an alright game and if your reading this CODM DOES NOT COPY PUBGMs Guns Cod came out in 2003.
  • Pubg

    By elite.59
    Runicpower the best event ever I hope you make it a permanent event
  • Good game overall but annoying

    By jeffy201
    Overall it’s a great game but when ever there’s a big update I get logged out of my account and have to make a new one. It’s really annoying because I have spent money on my account and now it’s gone.
  • Nothing but hackers

    By SunriseKing
    Update: new season. Third game had the AWM, shot 3 people in the head, killed none. But I get one shot by a SCAR with level 3 armor. New modes and other dumb stuff to collect, but hackers still dominate. See you next season...maybe... Update: first game shot through wall. Second game one shot by an uzi from 300m away with level 3 armor. Third game one shot driving a car by a vector from around 100m away. Either I sick or it’s still nothing but hackers. I’ll try again next season. Update: came back around week 6, dropped 300 points on first day, got shot through walls, magic grenades, and of course no footsteps ever. Game is still full of hackers. I’ll try again next season. Update: New season just dropped. Within the first hour I’ve been shot through walls, sniped from 200m by a P11, and seen a guy jump over a house. New season, same hackers ruining game. I wouldn’t attempt to learn to play this game with as many hackers and cheaters play. And PUBG does nothing to prevent it. They talk about banning but it gets worse every week. Getting shot through walls, people making 200m kill shots with an SMG, but 3 shots from my kar won’t even knock them. People can throw a grenade in a spot I’ve been hiding for 5 minutes. Hunt, camp it don’t matter when hackers run the show.
  • Problem!

    By Sekh Hasina
    Anti aliesing not working plz solve
  • Cheaters

    By dynamit_510 insta
    This game is full of cheaters and the devs can’t do anything about it
  • Gonna make this quick

    By JAWSH188282929
    Never played a game more infuriating. Stupid micro transactions, can easily lose all the loot you gained, this isn’t really a big deal but they changed the blood color to green so it looks weird, not to mention when you first start playing you’ll be playing with bots instead of real players that are at your skill level.
  • Not bad but needs controller support

    By twisterhwy
    I like it but it desperately needs controller support. I would like to use a tablet for a bigger screen and use a bluetooth controller.
  • Ps4 controller

    By Taedog4
    How come I can move the camera with my PS4 controller but can’t move and play? How can I fix this on my iPad