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  • Bait and switch

    By johnkzin
    This isn’t the pictured game. It’s a turret/tower defense game, not the bridge game from the first 3 pictures. It might be a fun game, but it’s not the game it claims to be.
  • Balance

    By dshaw731
    I have played this for few weeks now and few dollars later. Game is well done yet balance and rewards for purchases are absurd. Seriously not balanced for what you pay. They are set up to keep you spending. Events and battles are very unfair and you are pitted against opponents and states with far more advantages and levels. I am not against charging money in moderation since developers do add events but there is no moderation. Sad its good game with bad practices when sid Meyers civilization just as good without steep price.
  • Garbage

    By Regular Gamerz
    Looks NOTHING like the graphics/gameplay that is advertised.
  • Where is card clear?

    By Resistance9911
    My husband loves this game. He would let me play the card clear game on his android. I wanted to play it more so I downloaded the app on my iPhone. I didn’t see it right away but my husband said keep playing it’ll probably show up. I’m almost at base level 20 and I haven’t seen any games. I like the app but want to know why my version is so different than my husbands.
  • False advertising

    By Ugh8888
    The one part of the game I wanted to try, wasn’t included in the actual game. Just the advertising. Boo
  • The worst

    By emoneybags249
    This game is somewhat good, but lack some rules and regulations don’t understand how someone can spend their money on this game, but will constantly get attacked and bullied and everything they pay get destroyed. There should be some type of rules when you’re not playing so your base cannot get attack so you don’t lose any of your rss also takes forever just to rank up. Meanwhile, you’re getting attacked and losing resources. That way you can spend more money on this game.
  • CS is drowning this game

    By Ja1396
    Let’s start by clarifying that you will need to spend actual money to get strong in this game. I have defeated higher level players by purchasing hero packs. I mean, it’s not too bad as you always have a safety net on resources that can not be looted when you get attacked. However, I believe poor management is killing the game. You will always hear players complain how much money hungry these guys are… in my opinion, I think is reasonable as long as you get happy customers right?? Well let me tell you my personal experience. I have spent close to $500 so far this year, and to be honest I don’t mind. It keeps my mind off things for a while and it’s fun to play. What got to me was when I tried to purchase a base decoration, supposedly you are supposed to purchase packs that might have a % of giving you the decor. It starts from like $4.99 to up to $99. Well I decided to go ahead and purchase all of the packs if needed to get the decor. Turns out I bought all of them and didn’t get the decor… I felt cheated, I submitted a ticket thinking they would be reasonable and at least release the decor giving all the money that I have spent. I get an email back saying, good luck keep on buying the packs until you get the decor. I have decided that I will not spent a single dollar in this game anymore. How can you be this dumb to treat your customers like that? It makes no sense. I manage few companies in real life and management like this will only hurt your company in the long term.
  • Looks nothing like the ads

    By jesusfreak0280
  • Not recommended

    By Smile M😀
    Miss leading with images.
  • Your ruining the game

    By J-DuB11.
    Ever sense the doomsday events have started I’ never wanna play anymore I feel it pointless and a waste of time surely you can come up with something better I downloaded this game to raid and strategize and conquer. You took away and distracted people away from the purpose of the game