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  • Constantly lagging.

    i’ve done everything. lowering my graphics, freeing up some storage, checking my wifi yet every game i play i am lagging from the beginning to the end. i can’t properly run from the enemy without getting a “reconnecting to network” message and then next thing i know i’m in the rocket chair, i am always getting caught and dying first solely because of the lag and it makes me want to delete this game more and more every time.
  • good

    By maxwellwyliejemes
    nice i’m good at gane
  • 5 Star

    By Erfiniki
    This game is so fun, high graphics and entertaining. You should DEFINETLY download it! There’s even lots of characters to choose from!
  • I got hacked but i know the username can you get me my sccount back?

    By black pearl cookiezzzzzzzz
    The new username is Flourite zaza no spaces tho but can you text me the password so i can get my account back? My new account is “ihatemylife111” if you can thank you so much NeTease. Kind regards,M0thermary
  • Good game

    By Pluto_ soul
  • Good

    By 快喵垃圾1234542
  • I don’t know what to think

    By Flow of the River
    This game is really fun and I enjoy playing it and I have no problems with the gameplay. The graphics aren’t very good and most of the maps are dull. Nonetheless it’s fun and can get addicting.
  • It won’t let me be a survivor

    By Lover_girls
    I love this game so much but I just recently downloaded it and it was working fine at first but now when ever I choose to be a survivor it instead makes me the hunter when that’s not what I picked??? It has done this to me for multiple games in a row and my friend who told me to download the game hasn’t had this problem so why do I?
  • Pls go on PlayStation too 💗

    By Review from me 😍😍😍😍
    I love this game so much it reminds me of dead by daylight but it has better aesthetics and better gameplay. I wish identity v was on PlayStation too it would be so fun and I could buy stuff more. I would also definitely recommend this game to people. Also unlike dbd this game isn’t scary and it has a whole story mode which is exciting and I’ve played it a lot, and you can choose to go rank or go quick match. Currently there is hide and seek which is so much fun to play.
  • 加强古董商

    By 珉口柚子茶