Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans

By Mechanist

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-04
  • Current Version: 2.7.01
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 516.97 MB
  • Developer: Mechanist
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.00272
From 13,559 Ratings


You are a king! Now rule like a king! Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire simulation RPG game in which you get to experience the life of a Sultan – a king of Europe and the Middle East! Every detail has been attended to so that players can immerse themselves in brutal wars, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more! Key Features: - Become a Sultan – Experience an empire at your command! - Assemble your harem – Romance beautiful and influential queens! - Recruit warlords – Rally a fiersome council of historical viziers! - Raise a family – Lovingly raise your children from childbirth to young adults! - Join PvP – Marshal your armies against other players worldwide! - Forge alliances – Make friends and enemies, join the good fight! - Turkish Coffee – Drink, chat, then listen as the fortuneteller interprets each cup! The Ottoman Empire was a time of great change, remembered for its brutal conquests, romance, creativity, prosperity, wars, rebellions, love, marriage, and great coffee! Follow and like us on Facebook! Facebook: If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us! E-mail:



  • Question

    By HarleyKidd
    How come there’s no African American female characters on the game ?
  • False Advertising!!!!

    By Gingery10234567890
    This game gets advertised as a story telling, choice making game, and when you actually play, its like playing clash of clans with a slight story background.
  • Not gonna download it again.

    By achildree7
    I downloaded this game twice before, the first time i forgot to leave a review but i wont this time. This game was shown as easy to play but once u get past the partial tutorial it doesnt tell you what you need to do and you just kinda sit there not know how to play the actual game itself.
  • Too much cyber bullying

    By Sassibitz
    This seems to be a HUGE issue and yet you do nothing about it! Seems all the company wants is for you to spend loads of money but they do nothing about the constant sexual and bullying going on in chat. Why should I have to block so many? Have moderators who actually kick out the perpetrators. I spent a lot in this game but if you just want to ignore the problem, there are other games I can spend my money in. I’m not a prude but what goes on is against Apple and most companies TOS. DO SOMETHING!
  • Actual Review.

    By Irisllaputa
    Addressing problems in the one star reviews and how they have been fixed / not fixed. The long download is still here, it takes a lot longer to download than other games. About darker skin characters and diversity, you can only play as a WHITE sultan but they have added female sultans. They also have added people of color in consorts only at the moment. Yes, the game is NOT like it’s ads. However, the ad and pop ups in game is no longer a problem. You can choose to watch ads for diamonds, but the game does not auto give you ads anymore. The game is also playable without making any purchases, and they have made it very clear what is a purchase and what isn’t. About cyber bullying, that doesn’t happen at ALL in my server. There’s thank you’s everywhere and they love to help new players by opening protected painting rooms and inviting you into their union. All you have to do is ask. Overall, it’s an okay game, but don’t play it because of the ads. The game is NOT like its ads.
  • Private Messaging

    By LilyK04
    I love this game but several times people have come at me on here for different reasons through private messages. One of the times being bc I used the consort learning system and kicked out someone who was learning. Another time was bc I ratted someone’s feast because I was trying to save up my diamonds. The person who hosted the feast and their union leader private messaged me saying I was rude. Alls I’m saying is maybe change it to where only your friends are able to private message you so that people aren’t randomly getting attacked for silly reasons.
  • How to ruin a game..

    By Can802
    I am displeased with game employees, mostly by Emre Guner. He is banning people from game information channels for only feeding his ego. Such less developed minds making this game untrusted and unstable.. Great game, but it is in such hands, no need to spend money and time for such an environment..
  • A good game

    By Frida Gonzalez
    I love it but the only problem I have is when I get a message from a friend in the game I don’t get a notification and sometimes I respond back really late and I just feel bad other then that great game!🤩😁
  • Racist crap

    By SeanMojo
    The word Sultan is of Arabic origin, and refers exclusively to Islamic leaders in the past millennium. There have notably been Sultans and Sultanas in Ottoman Turkey, Indonesia, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. Yet, all the characters is this game are pale, Nordic-looking people. Perhaps Germanic or Russian, but not the look of any places that EVER had Sultans. This whitewashing of the cultural heritage of billions of people seems to originate from the game creators’ belief that their target audience is afraid or hateful toward people with even slightly darker skin. While this may be partially true, it is not something that should be pandered to. Like depictions of Jesus with Northern Europe features rather than Levantine, it caters to racists and xenophobes.
  • I need help

    By Taytay13233
    So I go to level where I can get married and I accidentally pick a girl but I want a boy so can you guys maybe take my wife away so I can have a husband