Miku Baby Monitor

Miku Baby Monitor

By Miku Inc.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2019-01-12
  • Current Version: 0.92
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 55.51 MB
  • Developer: Miku Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 136 Ratings


Monitors video, audio and breathing from a Miku device*. Miku is the baby monitor that tracks breathing and sleep patterns without wires or wearables. Miku’s proprietary SensorFusion technology works with your smartphone in real time to alert you when it matters most. *Note: this app requires access to a hardware device to function.



  • Save your money and look elsewhere

    By AimMich
    Update: Definitely not worth the money. At first I thought I had initially fixed the connect issues by removing our WiFi signal booster but camera still disconnects. Only works 70% of the time. No response from tech support and searching online gives troubleshooting about moving closer to router and appliance interference. I’m sorry, but this should be able to work without issue in a HOME. I should not have to move my babies crib to the living room to be closer to the router or unplug all my appliances. Sadly I am out $400 and will have to purchase another monitor. I love the features on the camera but honestly I have had nothing but trouble with the internet connection. I even have a signal booster in the same room and it’s CONSTANTLY losing signal. When I try to reset and start all over it can never find my internet and I have to reset our router. Wish I would have saved my money and bought something cheaper. In response to Mike support: In all fairness, it is the Miku. I bought another monitor and have absolutely NO issues with connection. We also have the fastest WiFi available so it’s not our issue. Also, I’ve contacted support many times with no response. Other reviews also state the same exact issue so it is not just us.
  • Terrible product, complete waste of money

    By Andrea L M
    Device never worked from day 1, would cut out constantly without warning and I wouldn’t hear my baby screaming. Company kept giving excuses and promises, first that a firmwear update that night would fix it (which only occurred the next night after I contacted them again). The update only made issues worse and I was given no timeline for a resolution, so had to buy a second baby monitor. They ‘escalated’ the problem to their engineers who provided useless advice such as to reboot my phone which I had already done multiple times and tried to otherwise blame things on my end. After contacting the company they did agree to wave the return shipping fee and 40$ re-stocking fee.
  • HORRIBLE. Waste of money

    By Miamik
    UPDATE: developer contacted me and is blaming issues on WiFi. Ummm no my issues are not related to WiFi. I’ve been in contact with miku for the past month and nowhere did your support tech mention WiFi. I will gladly forward those emails to you for reference. The support person even related the problems to either a defective product or the buggy app. If it was WiFi related, why did miku send me multiple updates for the app? The white noise sound not playing, unable to turn off the product, screen going blank for long periods of time, or the sound cutting off and unable to hear my child is due to WiFi??? Come on now. Other people ok their reviews have stated the same issues I have yet you didn’t tell them it was WiFi related. You need something to blame but do not insult my intelligence and tell me it’s WiFi when through multiple communications with you, you never stated that. This thing is just a waste of money. There’s something always wrong with it. The sounds don’t play, can’t turn off the camera, and overnight, the sound just goes off and you can’t even hear your kid. The concept of this product sounds good in theory but doesn’t do what it needs to do. I would return it if I could. What a waste of money
  • Spend your money elsewhere.

    By I just want to sleep.
    Something so mission critical like a baby monitor should work all of the time. Tonight, I can’t even access the camera. Last night the white noise stopped playing. The night before that, my sound kept cutting in and out. It’s useless. Buy a different camera. Update: It has nothing to do with my WiFi. I have a mesh network that I specifically installed for this monitor, and under “Device Info” it says that the WiFi connection is “Strong.”
  • Easy setup and great features

    By daddu67
    The Miku app was very easy to setup. I was very impressed with the miku right out of the box and the app was just as easy and intuitive to setup. We had our monitor up and running in no time. Having the ability to monitor and track movements, breathing, temperature and humidity is great and we really like all of the reporting features on the app.
  • Unusable due to false alarms

    By linshunghuang
    Miku triggers false alarms all the time even when the crib is empty, sadly this expensive device has become unusable for us. I've contacted customer support months ago about this but they still haven't resolved the issue.
  • Where’s the sound? Plus a couple of other things.

    By Ryyyyapple
    So far we love the Miku. It’s so nice to be able to see our little bundle of joy snuggled up in her crib. I have a few gripes about the app though. First, where is the sound? At random times, the app just stops playing sounds and we can no longer hear if the baby is crying. This happens at random and for long periods of time. It’s a big bummer at such a high price tag for the device. Second, why does the screen at times go black? I keep having to close and reopen the app in order for it to fix itself. Frustrating. And third, if the app can read breathing movements, why does it not know if the baby is in their bed? I shouldn’t get notified that there’s no movement when the baby isn’t in the bed. It’s especially hard when, in the middle of the night, the baby wakes up crying. We want to get to her to soothe and the last thing I’m thinking about when waking up to tend to her is putting the Miku on standby. Sure there’s a power button on the device. Not saying it’s hard to turn it off, just seems like a feature that could be added. Other than those gripes, I appreciate that this device exists.
  • Garbage.

    By miko is awful.
    Piece of absolute garbage. Resorted back to our vtech. Problem after problem with no attempt of resolution from the "tech support", other than "passing it on to our engineers" (which was a week ago, and still have not heard a word from them). And that's only if your lucky enough to catch someone online. No phone support, no call backs. Monitor would sporadically cut out, sound wound disappear, features would not work (sound mainly), app freezes, logout to reset results in you having to change your password to get back in. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF SH*T. I wouldn't even trust this camera to monitor a mortuary.
  • App doesn’t work

    By AAAG Petro
    This app/monitor system is great WHEN it works, which is hardly ever. Every time I connect, it takes anywhere from 8-15 min to get the video feed and sound working. It continuously says “please wait. Your device will be back shortly” and then I get a message that Miku is offline. When I finally do get a picture, the screen freezes up every 15-30 seconds, and the sound is choppy at best. If I go into settings to assess my WiFi connection, the screen is blank and says “please wait”. I can never get past that screen. I have unplugged the camera and plugged it back in. I have changed networks so it isn’t running on the same network as our computers and iPads and such. We have extremely fast internet connection (over 900 mbps) and I still cannot get a connection quickly or move through the various screens of the app. We spoke to customer service, and they said we can send it back for a $40 fee. After spending $400 on the device and it not working properly, we should NOT have to pay MORE money to return it!! I am extremely disappointed.
  • Best baby monitoring product on the market!

    By Caligirrrrrly
    We recently starting using the Miku and I have been beyond impressed with it. Miku did not cut any corners when designing this product, all the way to the packaging. I previously used other baby monitoring devices and the Miku is by far my top choice. With Miku, there are no cords that need to be attached to the baby, no pads that need to be perfectly placed, and no bootie that you need to wake your baby to apply. Simply turn it on and allow the Miku to do the work. I like that it’s everything I am looking for in one product. I now sleep better knowing that this high quality product is monitoring my infant. Living in a region where the weather is variable, it’s also nice to be able to know the temperature and humidity in the baby’s room. This product also allows you to monitor how well your baby is sleeping and tracks the hours of sleep during the night. I highly recommend this product!