Miku Baby Monitor

Miku Baby Monitor

By Miku Inc.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2019-01-12
  • Current Version: 0.9.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.29 MB
  • Developer: Miku Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 68 Ratings


Monitors video, audio and breathing from a Miku device*. Miku is the baby monitor that tracks breathing and sleep patterns without wires or wearables. Miku’s proprietary SensorFusion technology works with your smartphone in real time to alert you when it matters most. *Note: this app requires access to a hardware device to function.



  • A Smart Way to Monitor Baby

    By PandWalt
    The Miku baby monitor has been really amazing so far. From the beautiful packaging it arrived in, to the super simple installation process, and the easy app to monitor our little guy, we’ve been really impressed so far. I’m usually pretty old school when it comes to monitors and like a physical monitor that’s not my phone, but after trying this one I won’t go back! I love seeing the breathing, especially since our little guy likes his lovie right next to his face. Definitely recommend it. 🙌🏻
  • Miku Smart Baby Monitor

    By Chris Aggen
    The Miku Smart Baby Monitor is a must have! The app is incredible and extremely user friendly! It’s idiot proof upon opening the box and setting it up. The ease at which it is to operate the monitor and app is exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended the Miku Smart Baby Monitor to all newborn parents!
  • Way better than Motorola

    By tlhaugen
    We started with a Motorola that also had the WiFi features, but this monitor is much better at providing peace of mind. The analytics and the instant rpm feature provide way more than other monitors. Highly recommend!
  • I love this baby monitor

    By grammy jen
    I’m a grandma. When Miku is on I see and hear every wiggle, sigh, tiny clenched fist and soft snore. I see his little breaths and know when he is in REM sleep and when he is just having a light doze. I know the room temperature is perfect for sleep. I can stare at the peaks and valleys of his little breaths until it is just weird. But I’m a grandma so it’s okay. I really like what this baby monitor does and from what I understand it’s features will just keep getting better. Very happy with it.
  • Would recommend

    By jennffr2
    Beta testing and like more and more as the kinks are worked out. First night we had it the alarm went off 97 times. Had to shut alarms off, but with the ease of checking on baby with the app, I’m looking at the camera constantly! The reassurance of the monitored breathing is priceless. Love that I can check in no matter where I am. It’s also fun to mess with the dogs while I’m at work with the microphone feature. Also love the sound feature. I am able to put soothing music on to get her to sleep.
  • Amazing!

    By Ms.Mary.B
    I have tried so many different baby monitors with all my kids and this one stands out from them all. By far the most reliable and advanced I have ever used. I sleep better knowing I have this looking out for me. Highly recommended!
  • Best Baby Monitor On The Market

    By Sweetness556891
    My wife and I got a traditional monitor before we knew about the Miku. We like our traditional monitor but we LOVE our Miku. It is awesome technology that gives you tons of piece of mind whether you are at home or happen to be out for the night. I love that it records all movement throughout the night and you can review all the moves your child makes throughout the night. I have a lot of friends and family that I’ve turned onto the Miku and always hear the same thing from all of them... beats all traditional monitors on the market A++ product!!!!
  • Great product

    By Mr. Downtown
    I have not had any issues with this app nor my monitor. Has been working flawlessly. Best monitor I’ve used.
  • Not ready for production and poor quality for price

    By Angela032012
    We really wanted this to work for us and are so disappointed with the product and customer service. We replaced the cocoon cam with this a few days ago, hoping it would far surpass the other cam and get rid of the issues we’d had with it. Right away we noticed a quality issue - both cameras are supposed to be 720p and were mounted within an inch of the other, but the miku cameras quality was extremely poor. Very blurry, and we could not make out details of our child’s face or hands - even whether the pacifier had fallen out or not. We assumed this was an issue with the camera, and contacted customer service to troubleshoot. They pushed a firmware upgrade to the device that did not fix the issue and further broke it so that it was now getting false rpm readings when no one was in the room, and the camera wouldn’t stay connected for more than a few seconds at a time so we couldn’t functionally monitor him anymore. Miku’s response was that they would continue to troubleshoot, but would not give us any timetable on having a working device and refused to replace our device with one that is not faulty until after going through the aforementioned troubleshooting process without a time commitment. This is a $400 product that is time sensitive - the younger my child is, the greater the need for it to be working. Firmware updates typically take weeks to develop - that’s ok to ask a beta tester to deal with, but not a customer, especially at that price point. For this type of product, a breathing and video monitor for a sleeping infant, the customer needs to either have their camera back to functioning within a reasonable set amount of time (2-3 days for example) or have it replaced if that time will be exceeded. Additionally, they came back and said that our camera was actually giving us the proper quality of feed. This is despite the fact that the video quality looks the same when set to low, medium, or high. Either they are not really looking at the quality of video we have, or they are using a very poor quality camera in a very expensive device and the quality settings are gimmicks. So to summarize, there are two serious flaws with Miku. First, at this point if you purchase this product you should view yourself as a beta tester. The company will not commit to any length of time to get you back to where you are able to use the camera, even if it is unusable, despite the price point and importance of the product. Second, the quality of this camera is terrible for the price. Prepare yourself for a blurry image that will not allow you to make out details of your child’s face or body. I would expect this quality from a video monitor that cost me $25-$50. My $25 Wansview camera gives me a better quality image even when set to 480p. If Miku does anything to make this right for us before we go through the return with them, I will come back and edit this review to reflect that but otherwise buyer beware. I hope this product or another company eventually gets this to the potential that it has, but it’s not there right now, and is a huge hazard for the buyer if you happen to get a camera with issues.
  • Peace of mind

    By SsshortNsssssweet
    Love our Miku! It’s given us the peace of mind by allowing us to see bpm and know our little one sleeping peacefully. The ability to view my little one while I travel for work as also been amazing. Highly recommend to new parents!