By Universitat Politècnica de València


Through this app you can access the services and personalized information of the university using your ID and the password of the UPV. You will have your university card on your mobile to access the library, check out books on loan, ... You will have access to your class calendar, sports activities, notifications from the center, ... You can book a previous appointment in the different services of the UPV that offer it: Medical, Nursing, ... You will easily access your intranet, webmail, poliformat and poliBuscador. If you have any questions or enqueries you want to ask a School, Faculty or Service of the UPV access from poli[Consulta]. Avoid displacements, queues, wait. Do it at any time and from anywhere with your mobile device. The validity of the session lasts 30 days, during which you can access your private information without having to start a new session. Also, at any time you can close your session and delete your credentials.