By Shanghai Yoquer Technology Co.,Ltd


Hobbyfolder is a collection management app that we created for users to record, manage and share their hobbies and collectibles, And the data can be synchronized in real time on a variety of devices, allowing users to view it anywhere. At the same time, the reservation, holding or selling status of the collection can be recorded, organized and analyzed. In addition, you can splice photos of multiple collectibles and add notes for users to share. Furthermore, offline access, data export, password lock, and other functions can protect user files from multiple angles. Easy to use:Liberalized classification & personalized folder cover Portable file:Create now and view anytime Real-time data:Multi-angle and multi-category statistics Easily share:Free combination of photos and text Latest News:Get the latest collectibles news you want to know Cloud sync: View item files at any time on multiple devices Data export:Free Management of item files If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us Customer Service: cs@hobbyfolder.com