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  • Lovin the coin app!!!

    By Claycom
    Best app I’ve had my whole life! Seriously I love it! There’s something I can do while I raise my family not too much is expected to earn coin and also get paid for it or I can invest it. right now I’m investing.
  • Frustratingly Terrible

    By JPooch89
    This app has significant potential, but is also significantly far from reaching that point of even good. The app is nothing but a battery hog that drains my devices battery life 75% faster or more, and CONSISTENTLY crashes mid goal! I am still not sure why I keep this app on my phone, and continue to attempt its rewarded features. But, it is, and is the MOST frustrating thing to deal with on a daily basis!!!
  • Would be 5 stars, but…

    By jkitaj
    I had an issue where the email service I was using suddenly went under, so I no longer have access to the email associated with my account. I am now locked out of my account (my own fault for forgetting my password), but customer service has been entirely unhelpful. Every response I get from customer service comes from a different “person”, but the responses have all seem to be copy/pasted from the FAQ section of their website, based on whatever keywords appear in my response. I was using a paid membership and had quite a large amount of coin saved up in my account for the HODL bonuses, so I am incredibly upset that I can’t get the help I need to get back into my account.
  • Great

    By $God Life$
    Well put together
  • Maps

    By Warewolf Awesome
    You need to update your maps and maybe users can earn more at schools, or maybe set home locations (plural 1-3) for two homes and work too earn more.
  • Free COIN everyday.

    By Gatekeeper212
    Reminds me of a live version of PI. I’m getting real COIN daily. Great project.
  • IOS Version is slow

    By ChuckMore
    I’ve been earning COIN on this app for four years. Not sure why I actually keep running it since in that time my XYO is only worth about one dollar. With some updates to IOS, app will become slow or frequently crash. With iOS, version 17 I need to close nearly every app before Coin will even open.
  • XYO

    Coin app is awesome not only am I a HODL’er of XYO. I am a big believer and supporter of what their project and vision is they have amazing potential.
  • Interesting

    By Iljcandourfg
    Very cool that you can you gather cryptocurrency buy just the data you phone collects.
  • Fraudulent Scam

    By Henry4326
    Extremely sad to say the least. After paying for longer than I should have I hardly made anything and didn’t win any prizes. Don’t spend your money on this app. They will just take it and give it to mostly new basic members.