Dolphin Emojis

Dolphin Emojis

By Boston Trudeau Studios Ltd.


What you get: • Dolphin Emoji keyboard for easy emoji texting • Beautiful dolphin stickers for iMessage • Probably the most dolphin emojis ever! • Original sea creature designs Action for Dolphins (AFD) and Boston Trudeau Studios (BT Studios) collaborate to bring you an original and amazing pack of emojis from the depths of the ocean. These emojis are inspired by the incredible work that AFD does year after year to help end cruelty towards dolphins around the world. The majority of profits from this app go directly to AFD. About AFD The aim of AFD is to stop cruelty to, and gain legal protection for, small cetaceans (dolphins and other small whales). AFD focuses on small cetaceans because these sentient animals do not have adequate legal protection, and are subjected to some of the most extreme cruelty inflicted on animals anywhere in the world. AFD's primary goal is to bring an end to unregulated and inhumane hunts that kill thousands of small cetaceans annually. To donate, or for more information on AFD visit: