State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival: Zombie War

By FunPlus International AG

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-30
  • Current Version: 1.21.30
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 489.40 MB
  • Developer: FunPlus International AG
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.64907
From 375,584 Ratings


FunPlus x Nickelodeon Cowabunga! It's Turtle Time! Fighting Alongside the Ninja Turtles in State of Survival! It's time to unsheathe your weapons and stand shoulder to shoulder with Paramount characters Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael in a fight for humanity's future. Embark on action-packed missions with the Turtles, where teamwork and strategy are key to overcoming the undead menace. Earn exclusive rewards as you prove your mettle alongside these legendary fighters. Welcome to State of Survival! A zombie war RPG game where you fight to survive in the apocalypse. Six months have passed since the zombie apocalypse began. The virus has infected the cities. Six months of terror, death, horror, struggling for survival, and battling zombies and monsters in this multiplayer adventure RPG. Create alliances and build cities to fight the zombie hordes for survival. Join State of Survival! Get ready to play this RPG game! Fight the zombies, build, shoot, and don't let them get you. Survive the zombie apocalypse! The zombie infestation destroys cities and civilizations. Survive and help the government and its military branch work together to rebuild civilizations, overcome the zombies and defend humanity. It's time to start this war of survival. Shoot and plunder on the battlefield and build a city strategically to survive the zombies. The plague is spreading fast and the people need a hero! Your mission is to build, survive and kill all the zombies! In this zombie RPG game, you can make friends and fight against other survivors. Shoot zombies with your sniper rifle and pistols. Death lurks and the battlefield is the place that heroes call home. Build an army and fire your weapons at the zombies! Do what it takes to survive this terrible war, and get ready to fight. Zombies are hobbling around everywhere. Resources are scarce and you have to salvage what you can. You will have to build a new city, a new army and a strategy to survive in this RPG world. Become a zombie hunter! State of Survival Multiplayer RPG A multiplayer zombie RPG game! Develop a strategy for war and create your own story. Annihilate the zombies with a powerful arsenal of weapons and traps! Train up an army of soldiers, attack the zombies and end this horror! Survive the zombies Build your colony in a safe place where your survivors will be kept safe. Put your survival tactics into practice, fight the virus, and beat the zombies! Help other survivors and create unity Save the survivors who escaped the zombies to increase your level and strength, and find those who have special abilities. They will help you in this war and make your strategy succeed! Research the zombie virus The zombie disease is mutating rapidly. Learn all you can to understand it and develop your strategy as soon as possible. Whoever controls the infection controls the world! Team up to fight the apocalypse Find allies and create strategic alliances to survive the war of the undead. Build armies and stop the zombies. Join State of Survival and enjoy this multiplayer zombie RPG game. You won't be disappointed! Are you ready to help humanity survive? Start your adventure and survive the zombie apocalypse! Email: Facebook: YouTube: Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:



  • Overbloated bugged cash cow

    By Kesselicewind
    Game crashes every 5-10 minutes on iPad 9 th gen and iPhone 11 max pro. Repair game option useless. Complete uninstall and reinstall useless. Weekly updates make it worse. Game has devolved into a weekly slew of never-ending app bundles, and Pathetic updates with no intent other than to milk the player base out of all the money they can before the developers finally kill the game. I would not recommend this game to anybody he will be completely disappointed. if you do decide to play this game, do not spend a dime you will be terribly wishing you never did
  • great game

    By vLeraina
    great game
  • Useless Customer Service!

    By Memyself&every
    I rated the 5 stars simply for it to be put on the top of list to be read. The game is very appealing in the beginning to the people unfamiliar with it. Once you start playing and PAYING you, you begin to realize just how terrible the game actually is. The lagging and glitches cause the game to be unenjoyable and frustrating. If a purchase is made during glitches and lags, you simply lose your money. Contacting support is a joke. They find every reason to not replace this lost items even with a screen shot from Apple Receipts to show you made the purchase. Fun Plus believes because they’re a Third Party End User that they don’t have any responsibility to the purchases. My suggestion is very simple. Contact Apple Support, supply them with all the screenshots as evidence of purchases made and not rendered and receive a refund. Fun Plus has an obligation to provide players with the ability to play the game the was it was intended to be played! If you don’t plan on making purchases of at least 500-1000 US dollars a week just to keep up with other players, this is not a game for you! As I stated in the beginning, it’s appealing at the start, until you’ve made multiple purchases, built a decent Headquarters, only to have a disgruntled player destroy everything you built and paid for in less then 30 seconds. I’ve witnessed people paying (without exaggeration) 150-200k on this game! So if spending exorbitant amounts of money, dealing with constant crashes, tolerating glitches and dealing with a Support that’s none existent, then this games for you. Remember to look at all the 5 star ratings! Many rate it 5 and have the same responses as myself!
  • Before playing ask yourself these questions

    By DJMark5
    1) do you have unlimited free time? 2) do you wake up wondering what to do will all the extra money laying around? 3) do you like wasting money and time? 4) do you like side games that are unwinnable without real money? 5) do you enjoy Dev teams that don’t care about players, only money? 6) do you enjoy games where the Dev’s hate F2P players? If you said yes to 1 or more then buddy do I have a game for you. Download this game and you will be able to take that unwanted money and dump right into this game for all the fun’s.
  • State of survival

    By Jeff the supreme
    All very good, game masterpiece, I like.
  • Fun so far 😁

    By cbowessr74
    Been fun so far!
  • I can’t get any legndery hero’s

    By Huddybuddy25672
    I downloaded from the link below but when its done I don’t get no legendary hero’s and i use used all the codes i know and i just get 1000 supplies and i get no free draws
  • Fun game

    By Solanen
    Fun game
  • Cool!

    By FaithInChaos
    Fun and great! Play it and get those zombos
  • I like it

    By Mohammed nawalfeh
    Very cool game