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Cell Phone Tracker + by number

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The app will quickly show the location of any friend by SMS request. Even those who have not installed this application! - Has It ever happened that you need to meet someone, and the person with whom you meet, really can not explain where he is? - No longer need long clarifications, just send him an SMS from the app and after confirmation, you will instantly see him on the map in your smartphone. Install Find US For FREE and you will be able to: • find location of any person even if they doesn't have this app • get notifications when your friends will share his location • get directions to your friends The accuracy of coordinates whilst searching for devices using phone number or email depends on the availability of built-in GPS/GSM/WiFi modules on the targeted devices. In the case that there is no GPS, the coordinates are detected according to the data of cellular networks, with the accuracy ranging from 100 to 1000m. If there is no GPS and GSM, then the coordinates are detected via IP address. This function works by sending a unique message - that the app generates - to the phone number supplied which contains the location. The message should be opened every time when you want to update location . Solicited access: - to contacts - to generate SMS for requesting friend's location - to geo-position - to see friend's location - to push notifications - to get notifications when your friend will share his location to you. Find US has the following subscriptions: Weekly Access to all features - $4.99/week Weekly Access to all features - $8.99/month With full access, you will be able to locate any count of persons using a cell phone via SMS and also access 24/7 support. Weekly access subscriptions come with a free 3 day trial. When the trial expires, the subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or yearly basis. You will receive your first charge 3 days after starting your trial. The subscription costs will be charged from your score, linked through an iTunes account. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at regular intervals, according to what you selected, if you do not cancel it earlier than 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to unsubscribe after you have purchase it. Subscription changes are available in the Settings of your iTunes account after purchase. Get acquainted to the Terms of Use you can on the link below: https://4ind.us/terms.html



  • Find Us App

    By nxnhd he bfhxh
    This app is terrible and that’s all I have to say about it.
  • Misinformation

    I Sent This To My Mom Because I Wanted To Know Where She Was After A Vacation, And It Said She Was All The Way Across The Country. Do Not Get This App As It Will Lead To Misinterpretations.
  • Unsubscribe

    By Davonte2021!
    I cant unsubscribe please help
  • Don’t buy

    By Panchoub
    Don’t buy it dose not work 7/22/2022
  • Perfect

    By eiwikwkw
    Showed me exactly where i left my phone. Also showed me how stupid i am for not noticing where it was..
  • They make it difficult to cancel!

    By Mzarka
    Used this app for a needed short term purpose. It is difficult to cancel the subscription. I will be watching carefully to make sure there are no more charges. I don't appreciate being ripped off.
  • App

    By chelle/bull
    This was not the intended app. I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO UNSUBSCRIBE ME IMMEDIATELY Sincerely, MichelleHerbison
  • Issues

    By McKadE25
    It has issues. I think it should be free and you would have more downloads and better reviews.
  • Help

    By Odtkl3
    How do you unsubscribe
  • Doesn’t work

    By shewritesareview
    This app doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money. I have two phones, I sent a message to my other phone twice and it was never received. I sent a message to my daughters phone and it was never received. Zero stars.