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  • Terrible bird identification

    By Jenkobba
    Bought a bird feeder that has this camera. Picture quality is great and app is fairly easy to use, but the bird detector/identifier is horrible at best! It identifies birds that don’t inhabit within thousands of miles of where I’m located. For example, a common finch, it identified as a Hawaiian Hawk, some kind of bird from Alaska, and ones from Mexico, Texas and Africa! Needless to say, I cancelled the free trial!
  • Amazing

    By Subhi Saloom
    You are wonderful
  • Good product but need some work

    By coolnightg
    This would be even better product if the device came with more instruction inside. But overall pretty good for the price.
  • Superb.

    By kimbruz
    The ease of use, set up and quality of recordings as well as pictures is phenomenal. Excellent products. Highly recommend. Customer service is fantastic!
  • Bad app

    By Carrma7
    I bought a hummingbird feeder with camera. This is the app it uses. I tried over 10 times to connect this camera using this JUNK app and it tells me every time bad SSID. Bad SSID? Same network and SSID as the other bird feeder uses and my phone uses. Changed to a different network, same thing. So apparently this app is junk so the companies using this app for their products is going to have their feeder returned to them. I also sent two emails to this company which I’m sure will get answered with the same useless information found in their “Help” section. I will avoid buying anything that uses this app.
  • Great product

    By JasonInAshland
    Far exceeded my expectations. Easy to install. Great picture. Easy to use. I’m able to keep watch on all my pets while at work in live time. Just purchased my second one!
  • Does not support 5GHz Disappointed

    By AK Client
    Was really excited to receive the camera only to realize it won’t work with my internet. Yet it has AI technology so makes no sense that it won’t even connect to 5GHz internet. Have to return it. SAD😥
  • How to see through your camera in a reasonable amount of time.

    By ScallywagKirby
    If you’re like me who has 1Gps and shouldn’t have any trouble connecting to your cameras that show full strength connectivity somehow, here is an easy way to open your camera that should’ve already been fast to open as they insist you use their paid service. Open VicoHome. Close VicoHome. Open VicoHome again. Tap play on the live feed (but don’t wait the 3 minutes it requires to actually work) Immediately after tapping play on live feed, Tap to expand the screen in the bottom right of the camera. This should give you access to the live feed quickly (specifically the live feed that works well and instantly on cloud edge and any other camera I’ve ever purchased besides these ones. The ones that work extremely well and have most the features that vico’s paid service has but for free. The ones that don’t charge for a battlepass for your home security because it’s not a game)
  • Home Camera

    By AKBTW
    So easy to instal and great picture!
  • Wish you could copy video from SD Card directly to your iPhone/iPad

    By PrecisionGroup
    So far the App is pretty good but takes a little bit to get use to! I am using this App for my Outdoor Smart PTZ Solar Battery Camera. The camera is nice and I like that it also records video to an SD card as well as the cloud and while with this App I can copy a video recording from the cloud to my iPhone or iPad I can not copy a Video from the Micro SD Card to my device! I hope they fix this!