Jacobs ATN KMM

Jacobs ATN KMM

By Hubilo Softech Private Limited


Jacobs ATN Key Managers Meeting is the perfect venue for collaborating with your peers, making new connections within the organization and to further advance your understanding of the goals and strategies of ATN. This app will enhance your experience by helping you discover, connect and chat with attendees at KMM. This app will be your companion not only during the event but also before and after KMM helping you to: Connect with the attendees who have interests similar to yours. Set up meetings with attendees by using the chat feature. View the KMM Agenda and explore sessions. Get last minute updates on the schedule from the organizers. Access hotel maps and emergency evacuation plans. Access location and speaker information at your fingertips. Participate in live polling and live Q&A sessions. Interact with the fellow attendees in a discussion forum and share your thoughts on the event and issues beyond the KMM. The more you use the app, the more you’ll learn. We hope you will use the Jacobs ATN Key Managers Meeting app to enhance your event experience by connecting with the right people and maximizing your time at KMM!