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Rize Studio

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Rize Studio is San Diego-based boutique aerial yoga and vibration studio. We believe in the power of your spirit. The spirit within you that calls you to be more, to live more, to love more. We believe when you tap into your physical strength, you build mental strength. Mental strength gives you the confidence to make different choices, which leads to different results. Confidence in who you are allows you to live your life with passion and excitement. And when you live your life with passion, you feel ALIVE because you have more of yourself to give… to your family, to your friends, and to your community. We believe the true gift in living is in the gift of giving… giving more of yourself; selfcare. That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do. We want to help your Mind + Body reconnect with your Spirit so you can live a life that inspires you to be the absolute best version of yourself. AS RIZERS, WE ARE... EMPOWERED We empower all races, genders, ethnicities, ages, shapes & sizes to be embodied, active and inspired. We inspire our community to live healthily and practice healthy body image and moderate exercise habits. We use positive, inclusive, and uplifting language to nourish the mind and humor to feed the soul. We are passionate about showing up authentically to the members of our community. We embrace who we are with humility and curiosity. STRONG Physical, emotional, mental + spiritual. We honor these four cornerstones of strength and challenge ourselves to build upon them daily. GROWING We are lifelong learners who contribute to a culture of support and feedback. We are humble and constantly seek improvement. We see other’s authentic selves and offer feedback that can enhance who they truly are as teachers and leaders. We are a lively bunch and we embody our skin. We enjoy movement, mobility, and exploring body awareness. We are inspired by grace, stamina, and endurance. We are powerful and challenging when needed, we are soft and compassionate when necessary. PROFESSIONAL We take our profession as an instructor seriously. We value our craft by upholding high standards and use discretion between authenticity and professionalism. We intentionally sequence our classes to be unique, dynamic, and of the highest quality. We engage with our community. We use names, observe alignment, offer instructional cues, and provide hands -on assists. We motivate, encourage, and inspire while providing individualized attention. ABUNDANT We speak positively about other teachers, studios and communities. We recognize the fitness community as a whole and support the career path of part-time and full-time instructors. We lead from a place of appreciation and gratitude, and focus on the positive. We encourage the abundance in self love + care. Our classes include extras to add abundance to your day with things such as hot + cold towels, warm eye pillows, aromatherapy, hands on adjustments, tea + treats.