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  • Using to relearn a language

    By SmileyFace2245343
    I have been using the app for over a week to relearn a language I spoke well decades ago. I like the varied exercises and quick introduction of phrases. I like the easy access to verb conjugations. I also apreciate that there are so many short lessons, I can do one or two if I don't have much time, or I can do more when I have time. I've tried several apps, and the main reason I chose this as my primary language learning app was the option to buy a lifetime license for a reasonable price rather than be locked in to a monthly charge. I expect to get my money's worth just with my first language, and if I choose I can refresh my German or start a new language. I also like that I can use the app on my MacBook and on my Android phone.
  • Buggy

    By Alex1925
    This is app is great when it works but it seems that when there is an issue it takes a while for their IT folks to resolve it. It's been more than a week and I am still getting an "OOpps....." error.
  • Alhasaki

    By alhasaki
    يعد Mondly أفضل تطبيق لتعلّم اللغة الرّومانيّة، وذلك لأنّه يعلّم من اللغة العربيّة إلى اللغة الرّومانيّة دون توسّط اللغة الإنجليزيّة كما هو الحال في Duoligo حيث يشترط على المتعلّم أن يكون التعلّم من الإنجليزيّة للرومانيّة، وله طريقة وأسلوب مختلف في التعليم يختلف عن بقيّة التطبيقات، ويستحق خمسة نجوم.
  • 还行吧

    By ciaomiwu
  • Great program, but a couple of suggestions.

    By Kylewiggs
    This fantastic program and am very happy with it. I'd give this five stars, but. It has options for Portugese in both Portugal and Brazil. But the Spanish option is only for Spain. There isn't a Latin American option. My other issue is functioanality of the app itself. It gives an option to use voice recogniton or type into the program. I accidently turned off the mic in the app, which caused it to disappear entirely. The only way that I found to put i back is to uninstall and redownload.
  • Good but needs improvement.

    By bpinjp
    I'm learning Japanese, however I find some of the English grammar is wrong for the selected English (i.e. seems to use Brittish English grammar even though American English is selected). Sometimes says you are wrong even though the grammar is correct. Also, for the most part the sound level is okay, but sometimes has audio too low or overly loud. Also needs a zoom feature for people, like me, that wear glasses. Overall an enjoyable app though.
  • Mondly

    By L,M,L
    It's a good app to practice your language speaking on
  • Mondly

    By FranciscoRevilla
    Excellent app...
  • muy bueno

    By fantasma1989
    estoy aprendiendo ingles
  • terrible and outdated mac app

    By xhjrffggfdgjkitffg
    What a primitive app. It hasn't been updated in so long and it is so obvious. There are entire courses missing.