My ID photo & passport photo

My ID photo & passport photo

By Shanghai Dazhuo Information Technology Co., Ltd.


AI's ID photo and passport editing software support automatic background, beauty, whitening, dressing, any color background, transition background, any size. My ID photo supports more than 30 local languages ​​in the world. Through it you can do the following things 1, smart map. With this feature you can take photos in any context, and the software will help you get rid of the background with artificial intelligence. 2, beautify the photo. With this function, you can optimize the photo details, make the photos more beautiful, microdermabrasion, whitening, and how you can miss the beauty. 3. Replace the clothes. It doesn't matter if you don't wear formal wear. With this function, you can choose the suits that match yours in men's, women's and children's wear. You can adjust the size of your clothes with your fingers to fit your body perfectly. 4, colorful background. what? Is the photo only red, white and blue? No, no, we not only provide red, white and blue backgrounds, but also provide color bars with free background settings. With this function you can set any kind of background color, which is very powerful and woody! 5, a variety of sizes. In addition to the standard ID size, "My ID Photo" also provides user-defined size. You can set the desired size photo yourself, and you don't need to switch between multiple softwares in order to change the size. 6, background replacement "My ID Photo" not only provides the background of the standard ID photo, but also supports the life of the single avatar. You can easily use the "My ID Photo" to help you remove the background of your life, personal life to the background you You can pose freely and have a casual expression. "My ID Photo" will intelligently remove the background that is not related to your body.