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  • Scam

    By 3838372729293948377
    Doesn’t work, no troubleshooting, no customer service
  • Doesn’t work

    By Foxxy2420
    This was supposed to work with my 2014 Panasonic Viera. None of the settings on my TV match the connection instructions in the app. There’s no such thing as DMR, for starters. I’m extremely disappointed, and I better be able to cancel in 3 days to get my money back.
  • Horrible UI

    By JonXhanX
    This is probably the worst app UI I’ve ever experienced
  • Doesn’t work

    By Bian Miner
    Doesn’t work
  • J9

    By J9bama
    This app doesn’t work! Also can’t figure out how to cancel or contact them
  • App Store for Apple apps

    By IDK. IDH1
    One thing I despise more than anything is being forced to provide my credit card details without any trial period for determining if the app will work for me at all. Which is more often the case for me and likely so many others who have written negative reviews As I see it Apple is just monopolizing on every opportunity to make money where ever the can on apps that are open source but iOS is not an open source operating system. So many of these apps were downloadable for free and capable of full use with out paying a monthly fee to Android. Is Apple providing a full accounting to each of the app devs and paying them without collecting any fee from the dev my guess is no they are not providing 100 percent of funds brought in for apps the devs created. I would guess the devs actually earning do not reflect what Apple betting’s in when they sell it to the end user . I’m not opposed to paying 1 time fee if the devs are receiving 100 percent of that fee collected by Apple. But what I am opposed to is not being able to evaluate a full functioning app without some features of the app being blocked. I guess I just don’t want to pay for something I would like to take a close look at before returning it to the Shelf. Then be forced to chase down a refund when I discover that the app will not work with my device. There have been times when I will download an app only to discover it does not have the full function or is not supported by my device and only became aware the functions were not supported after the renewal had been processed. Forcing me to not only cancel the renewal but to request a refund charged after the week trial periods is over. Why should you get to keep any portion of the money if I am unhappy with your product after the first use even if don’t get around to using the app for a whol month and then find out it is. Or what I wanted or thought I was purchasing m. As an Android user I don’t recall any app that required a monthly service fee or if they did they also offered another version that at the very least had some working portion of the app for use I have yet to see an app in the Apple App Store that has some functionality with out require a payment If I understand open source rules require that individuals may not profit using open source apps without a fee of sorts being paid to the original application developer . Many of these apps foundation are from open source programs most of which are just a long chain of open source programs compiles on top of each other Should we pay Apple anything at all if they are not following the open source rules when devs bring apps to them for use on their system . Maybe I have it all wrong. As for me I plan on returning to Android once this phone is worn out I have found their is nothing about Apple I like with exception to the durability of threat devices. And feel for the price paid when comparing an apple to an android or do does device durability is no longer a factor for me when considering one over the other I want more for my money and don’t feel durability is enough for the price difference .
  • Wasting money

    By german2024
    Don’t waste your money . This app doesn’t work and it’s hard to get your money back
  • Review

    By NatashaBloom
    Nice looking though Hard to set up. Nothing on the help page..
  • Wont connect

    By Deb Johnxyz
    Unable to connect and when I click on troubleshooting in the app it just gives me an error message
  • This app is a scam!

    By Mustang Jones
    It will steal your credit card information and then claim that it was declined hoping that you will provide another credit card number.