Joon: Behavior Improvement App

Joon: Behavior Improvement App

By Joon App, Inc

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2020-06-23
  • Current Version: 3.97
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 90.82 MB
  • Developer: Joon App, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.70431
From 5,401 Ratings


1) Constantly nagging and arguing with your child? 2) Is your child not motivated to complete their daily tasks? 3) Does your child struggle to remember and stick to their daily routine? If you answered "YES" to at least one of these, then Joon is exactly what you are looking for! Recommended by Child Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians, and Special Education Teachers, Joon is the future of motivating neurodivergent children. Using a child-friendly video game (for ages 6-12), Joon helps motivate your child to focus and stay on top of their daily routine, tasks, & habits. **JOON’S GOAL** Help motivate your child with ADHD, ASD, ODD, General Anxiety, or Depression to focus and complete their daily tasks while learning basic responsibility and independence. Not only does Joon make it extremely easy to motivate kids to do important tasks using a video game, but it also teaches them valuable life skills that they won’t be able to learn in school. We’ve helped over two hundred thousand families complete more than 1M+ tasks, so why can't we help you? **HOW IT WORKS** Assign tasks as "Quests", then the video game does the rest. 1) Create a few tasks that your child struggles with the most (such as brushing their teeth, getting ready for school, etc.) 2) Your child chooses a virtual pet (called a Doter) to feed, wash, and grow. In order to take care of their pet and play the Joon video game, they must first complete the tasks you've assigned them. 3) Once completed, you will get a notification to review and approve/reject your child's completed tasks. If approved, your child will receive coins to use to care for their pet and unlock different parts of the video game! 4) As your child completes more and more tasks, they will develop habits and improve their daily routine - all because they want to play a video game! **THE PARENTING TOOL YOU NEED** + We make it easy to manage your child’s tasks and add in your existing routine. + We'll do the reminding to help your child stick to their routine. No more nagging from your end. + Your child will stay motivated to do the tasks assigned to them. In fact, 90% of kids on Joon complete all tasks assigned. + Choose from a large list of research-backed activities to help your child build important life skills that teach independence. Joon is only a year old and already has the attention of press, parenting publications, and parenting experts. To see the complete list, visit our website here: **HOW TO GET STARTED** 1) Install Joon on your device, create your family, and select a few beginning tasks you’d like your child to work on. 2) Help your child set up their account so they can see the tasks that you’ve assigned them. You can have them download Joon on their own device or share you phone. 3) Once your child completes their tasks, you can review and approve them to make sure they were completed correctly. 4) Once approved, your children receive coins and experience points that let them feed, level up, buy things, and progress in the game with their virtual pet. As your child continues to progress in the game, they actually progress in real life too! 5) Keep adding quests (and we’ll recommend you new ones too) to help your children develop good habits! Your children cannot grow on their own. Make sure to stay involved in the process and keep assigning new quests as needed to allow your children to continue helping, learning, growing, and progressing in the game. **QUESTIONS?** Email us at! We offer top tier customer support 24/7, 7 days a week, that will respond to your question within 15 minutes. -------------------- Privacy Policy: Terms Of Use:



  • No more morning routine struggles

    By Tabburitto3
    I’m trying to help my kids gain executive functioning skills such as getting dressed and brushing their teeth in morning without being prompted repeatedly. This app has helped so much. I haven’t asked them to get dressed and brush teeth in a week since we started playing. They cannot play on the app until the tasks are complete, and I get to approve the tasks were completed first. They are not complaining about completing tasks and have even asked for more. My kids are 7.5 years old and 5 years old.
  • Works well

    By gdryhvcrt
    Using this for my two kids with ADHD (one also has autism) and it has helped them remember to do things like brush their teeth as well as helped motivate them to do more helpful things like taking the dog out.
  • Need to fix some bugs

    By jmk04e
    Have had this a little over a week now. My kids are 7 and 9 (really got it for my 9 year old who has ADHD). They both love the premise of it and my eldest is easier to motivate to finish his quests. There are some glitches that need fixing- the kids can’t play the fruit catching (Fruit Party) game, their doter won’t move. Asteroid Adventure is frustrating- my son keeps complaining the asteroids are glitchy. My daughter just got her third doter but isn’t able to claim it - when she tries to name it, there’s an error message that keeps saying that the field is required to continue. You can’t update the message from the parents to the kids- it says I already have a message for that user.
  • Great tool for managing homeschool + chores

    By Ramblin Jackson
    This is a great tool for managing your kids, daily routines, homeschool, chores, and more. We love using this.
  • No instruction

    By MTanico
    How do you add points???????????
  • It works!

    We’ve tried other apps like this, but this is the first one my 12 year old keeps coming back to because he likes to play the games. And then he does his chores cause he needs more points to play the games with. Mom asked him the other day “are you going to do your chores? “ And he replied “ I already did. Of course I would do a good job on my chores!” Like duh mom, why are you even asking? 😂 Keep in mind that the day before Joom, he was still complaining and grumbling and neglecting his chores. Now he does them without asking. We love the speed with which it generally alerts us that he’s completed them too. It makes it faster for us to trigger that reward cycle. At this point after a few weeks it still works and I think doing his chores is starting to become a habit. Amazing!
  • Great rewards based system for ADHD (8yo)

    By kmr3140
    This app so far has worked well with motivating my son to improve/change his behavior using this reward based system. He likes playing with the character in the kids program and it is an easy to use app for both kids and adults. The content for adults is quick reads and helpful insight. Includes informative articles regarding ADHD. Worth the money if you want an easy to track rewards system that you can update anywhere with your phone. I can mark items complete, or my son can request that I review an item he states he completed. I can reject or approve the quest. Leave positive and motivating messages for my son as well. Very well made. Highly recommend.
  • Super helpful App!

    By juzonyi
    So far, my kiddos (5 and 7) enjoy the app and use it daily to earn preferred activities. Especially helpful for my 7 year old with ADHD. The developers could consider a way to vary the cost of items daily or weekly and a way to easily add in a novel/surprise task to increase interest and engagement over a longer period of time.
  • Awesome app!

    By mamawolfe32018
    Joon has had such a wonderful impact on my family’s lives. I have a child with ADHD that I have always had a hard time getting her to pick up her messes or get ready for the day. We would often but heads. Since using this app there has been a significant shift. She now makes doing her chores and getting ready her top priority and with the help of the mental health quests, she has almost completely stopped having meltdowns. I would recommend anyone with a child that has ADHD or any child/parent that may be struggling give this app a try. IT ONLY TOOK 2 DAYS TO SEE A DIFFERENCE IN HER BEHAVIOR!! With a 7 day free trial and a quick turnaround in behavior, it’s worth trying!
  • Amazing

    By Renae N D
    I can’t believe how effective this app is for motivating my 5 & 6 y/o boys to take care of their responsibilities. Before Joon it was whining, crying and the standard power struggle. Now, they’re proactively checking what they need to do for the day & doing it without me even asking. 🤯 my little one can’t read yet & there’s an audio feature where the app reads the task to him. I mean seriously…. He’s half way done with his chores (brush teeth, water plants, etc) before I even realize he’s doing them. I also love how the app recommends daily tasks for them like “do something nice for someone” … “put shoes away” … etc. Highly, highly recommend.