Space Grunts 2

Space Grunts 2

By Pascal Bestebroer

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-12-02
  • Current Version: 1.23.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 84.46 MB
  • Developer: Pascal Bestebroer
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 3.96
From 25 Ratings


Land on a planet, find an entrance to a space station, and battle aliens, robots and hazardous environments using your deck of cards. Key features: ] Endless variation – Every game plays like a unique mission for your away-team – the layout is different every time. From the level layouts, to special events, and alternate paths. Every game will be unique. ] Unique card/inventory system – Your inventory is your deck of cards, every weapon, shield, or item you pick up is a card you use in battles and sits in your inventory (your deck). ] Unlockable extras – Complete challenges to unlock special Trinkets to help you in your games. Complete multiply missions to permanently unlock Buff cards, and increase your experience level to unlock special passive cards. Gameplay: Every game you play is uniquely generated from building blocks. No two levels are the same, no two game sessions are the same. As you progress through the levels you get to collect items for your inventory : weapons, shields, and dozens of other type items. Each item in your inventory is a card in your deck. Don’t want certain cards? don’t pick them up! That’s how you build your deck in this game: as you go. When you encounter aliens, you will engage with them in a card-battle: Either you or the alien will choose the first card, depending on who attacks who. And then the other picks his card. Defeat the alien, and move on to the next! Card battles are swift, and to the point. The game will randomly generate events, alternate routes and decide what effects plant-spores have on you or the aliens. Like I said: no two games will be the same!



  • Great rogue-lite

    By Ralph durso
    I never played the original Space Grunts but SG2 does a great job of mixing up quick card based combat and rogue-lite mechanics. Game is snappy and responsive, pixel graphics are good, and gameplay is pretty addictive. Definitely recommend for the price
  • Space Grunts 2

    By syntheticvoid
    **yet another update!!** I can't believe how much this game has grown since it's release - and SO quickly too!! I can't really add anything to what I've already written in past 'reviews' here, other than saying THANK YOU again to OrangePixel! I've finally beaten all of the challenge modes and unlocked all of the trinkets, and am now working on unlocking all of the pre-game upgrades you can choose from. Also, allowing users to redistribute character's stats was a SUPER ingenious idea, and has added quite a bit to the strategy as well as replayability, flexibility and ways that players can experiment. My god this game is AMAZING!!!!! **update** Thank you so much for continuing to update this game!! The changes to the level layouts are great, and I'm SUPER excited to start unlocking those trinkets after beating the challenge levels.... I'm also really looking forward to the leaderboards the dev has said he's thinking of a way to integrate for the challenge levels as well.... This game is just.... top notch. From a top notch developer. Definitely worth supporting. =D **original review** Well, I LOVE the first Space Grunts and have been an OrangePixel fan since the original Meganoid.... so it was kind of a no-brainer that I was going to love this sequel... It also helps that I've been diving into more card battlers as of late. I really wasn't sure how OP was going to outdo the original Space Grunts, but the randomness of your options that you have here is a HUGE draw for me. Especially after falling into the Dead Cells hole this past year (loving the randomness of the weapons there and loving how it makes you alter your approach multiple times throughout each game has really made me appreciate this in other games as well). So- instead of running around a map trying to save ammo and hoping that you can collect enough specific ammo and upgrades to take on the more difficult late-game enemies, you're given a limit of 52 cards to hold and can only have 4-5 randomly chosen cards in your hand to use. While some cards buff your next attack, others give you more control over what you can have in your hand for the next 2-4 attacks (depending on how strong the cards you've picked up are and the enemies you get pinned by or you decide to attack), sometimes you get stuck having to search for buffing cards because not a lot of powerful attack cards have dropped in the dungeons or you couldn't find that blue card or breakable wall to gain access to the armory type rooms. Sometimes you find the breakable wall and don't have a bomb to place against it, or are worried a large bomb might damage too many of the cards behind it and don't want to go searching for a screwdriver to try and fix them all.... It's a game that forces you into some situations and lets you stumble into others. The addition of the challenges is a huge plus too - going up against a swarm of spiders or playing with no tech or no shields - there's 8 different challenges that add a ton of replay value to the game... especially for those players who beat the main campaign and want something more. I really don't understand the negative reviews... unless they just wanted something completely different or didn't read anything at all about the game. The many ways you can approach this game is only limited by how willing and imaginative you are while experimenting and adapting to the many different situations this game will throw at you. If you're looking for that in a game, this offers it -in spades. I think it has a very good chance of becoming my favorite OrangePixel game. Thank you to the dev for taking the time and creativity into making this sequel. It's top notch, absolutely amazing. Thank you!!
  • Awful

    By Whyareallthenamesgone?
    Every single time you open the app it completely resets the tutorials. Doesn't matter if you're on level 5, you're forced to re-read every single one. There's no option to disable them.
  • Potential

    By Metallurgicarborist
    Is there a point? I walk around. Pick things up. A fight? Fight a box. Fight another box. Only fixing and healing. Gotta run away from this box or waste cards? Why can't I shuffle the cards or something? Captain's log: mumble pointless. Fight stuffed animals. More stuffed animals. Fight them. The same cards. Another box. Walk around. A fight? Some junk. Fight the junk? O.K. Get nothing and waste cards. Escape the level. Choose prize. Can't hurt self! New level. Place bomb to kill stuffed animals. Hurt self very badly! Prize lies! Fight another box. Fight some junk. Cards full. Fight stuffed animal. The same cards. Another. Fight a box. Cards full. Use bomb to blow up some boxes and junk but get clear this time. Escape level. Choose prize doesn't matter only lies. New level. Walk around. Fight a box. Cards full. Fight a box. Cards full. Fight some junk. Cards full. Walk around. Fight a box. Fight a stuffed animal. Play a card. Play a card. Die. Have no idea why that happened. Leaderboard. Play again? Write a review. I saw another review with an actual developer response so I wrote you a poem 👆about how I felt when playing. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm trying to give you a sense of what's not quite right. There are mechanics with potential in there for sure but I don't feel like I'm doing anything or have any choice as a player. The maps are styled nice, I like the look and effects, but you figure out pretty quick the pattern/feel of the procedural generation. There seems to be a decent variety of cards but its too easy to get a bunch of useless ones, repeatedly. After a few maps I wonder why I'm doing this. Where am I going? Is this like an art thing where you're performing a roguelike as a digital performance piece and the point is to appreciate that and not have a game? That's not a joke either. I'm genuinely confused. I can imagine that as a real thing so I wonder if this is it. Anyway, please don't be discouraged. You've got some skills and ideas. Other people seem to love it. Maybe I'm just a freak. Lol!🖖
  • Refund

    By Ev1226
    The reason I want a refund is not that I hated or didn’t enjoy but I wasn’t the one to buy it my little brother was bored to I told to get a game off the AppStore that was for free saw him downloading a game so I thought nothing of it at the time but just to make sure once he was off the phone I grabbed and checked and there it was 3.99. Again I’m not saying you don’t have to refund because of the law and whatnot but i would be so grateful if you could refund me my money
  • Fun game but currently crashing

    By WhyAreNoNamesAvailable
    The game is entertaining and well worth the value once fixed. The card based aspect is an interesting take on rogue likes without losing the fun of exploring unique levels over and over. I have only had for two days but am stuck on one level that will crash over and over, even after reboots. I have faith that the developer will remedy quickly and have only taken one star off an otherwise perfect score.
  • Tried it. Didn’t hook me.

    By AfraidOfPolice
    Wish it had been try then buy. Turn based rogue likes are usually my thing. I also like card games like slay the spire and void tyrant. This didn’t do it for me. You can’t cycle your deck so it didn’t seem that strategic. Meh
  • Great Gameplay, but Occasional Crashes

    By SomeBen
    I love the gameplay, and anyone familiar with Slay the Spire will find this to be a nice, distinct style of play. Love the swipe to move option. The one issue is that I occasionally find the app crashes in the middle of combat. To the dev: If there’s a debug output or something I could supply I’d be happy to do that.
  • Great concept and playability! I love the graphics!

    By BlueMilk314
    This game is awesome. I got it yesterday and have played a few levels in and it’s awesome! I have come across a problem with saving my game though. I can’t find any way to manually save, and if I swipe the app off of my phone, all of my progress is lost. Is there anyway to save my game so that’s can go back to it later? Other that that, it’s a great with a cool method of combat!!!
  • Re: Good game, but game breaking bug

    By Rawdeath
    Keycard bug was fixed along with others I was experiencing. Dev responded to me and fixed the issue really fast! Love the game and the support from the dev. 5 stars for sure!!