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  • Pretty Good

    By Matt22g
    I got this VPN because I live in the city and there’s tons of scammers in my area using IMSI catchers. I believe this does in fact encrypt my data so it can’t be viewed by prying eyes. It’s the only VPN I found that uses IPv6, which is huge, even the big names like Nord don’t use it. Although Nord does use more DNS domains (instead of one like this VPN) as the moment stands here’s some ways the service can be improved: -Offer TOR services - ability to go to .onion sites -Add more split DNS addresses similar to that of Nord -Ability to see the IP address you’re connect to — through a widget or as a notification on the top bar -Add split tunneling -Add double VPN I can understand the price going up as well for these features, but in the long run it would be worth it, maybe add as a premium package. As it stands, for the money it’s a good service
  • Disconnects with no notifications

    By Xujee53
    The Internet wasn't working on my phone this morning. Took me a little while to figure out it was Mullvad. The app updated itself and disconnected, blocking the Internet. First off, why couldn't it just reconnect after the update? Secondly, if it's going to disconnect me, why not tell me this in a notification so I'm not sitting here guessing why the Internet isn't working? There have also been times when the app tells me my balance/subscription is running out and I need to send a payment. One time it even kicked me off the VPN. But I have automatic payment set up through PayPal, so this should never happen. The service itself is great, don't get me wrong, but the app doesn't provide a good customer experience.
  • Impressively fast and reliable

    By countrygal1628
    I am seriously impressed with Mullvad! I had held off on getting a VPN because of reported slow network speeds with other VPN providers. However, my internet is actually faster than it has ever been with Mullvad. I’m also amazed at how quick and easy it is to switch IP addresses. I mean, it’s SO fast. I love being able to watch other Netflix shows, too. The app is super simple to use (plus, the little mascot is so cute). Simply put, I love how straightforward the product is—there are no gimmicks, price surges, or annoying marketing tactics. The product is simple, yet incredibly effective, and the price is a steal. All in all, the product speaks for itself.
  • Awesome

    By joelrivec
    The best VPN so far.
  • Request

    By pskldn
    Add killswitch
  • Not bad

    By Whocares1092
    I like the VPN, and it was suggested they don’t keep logs. My biggest gripe is that it stops working when I have three days left. Multiple times, over and over. Cannot I not have my last three days? I paid for that!
  • Split tunnel

    By elgrego1939
    Please add split-tunnel support. It really is kind of a necessity at this point. Thanks.
  • FIX for 2024.1

    By AppBuster1111
    2024.1 If you are having an issue : COMPLETELY DELETE THE APP FROM THE DEVICE then re-install it and re-set up VPN fixes the issue/bug whatever it is.
  • Great, No-Nonsense VPN

    By Indy909x
    If you want a VPN you can feel good about, Mullvad is great. It is inexpensive, takes great steps to protect its users, and doesn’t hog battery life or performance. I use it on both my phone and Linux laptop. I’ve done a ton of research plus trial and error, and this is the best one I’ve found.
  • 2024.1 Broke the App

    By mgmmos
    Great product. Until 2024.1. Once I upgraded it no longer connected. I tried reinstalling the app, but same problem. May be worth avoiding the upgrade.