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  • Nutrition facts

    By LKuy21
    This app has the macros for nutrition and is easy to use. I like a lot about it, but I really want full nutrition facts and I don’t see that is available. I may need to go back to using the free fitness pal app because although the ads are annoying there is more complete nutritional information. Unless I am just missing it which is possible!!
  • Bar Code Scanner

    By MAGGhoul
    Loving the App so far. Only major issue I’m running into is the bar code scanner feature. It works sometimes and then doesn't work. One items it doesn’t work seems to be cardboard items, or other items with a glare/sheen texture. Most items I can look up with frustration of the search engine being used, the search engine is pretty weird and doesn't take in major words. Somehow the bar code scanner needs updated to be able to detect bar codes better! A temporary fix would be to manually type in the barcode of the product due to the search engine also not being that great :-) Great app so far just needs more refinement to ease of usability!
  • Trying to delete foods or macro servings not featured. Thanks for taking my money though.

    By uytghjklpoitrewq
    App not worth the money. Can’t delete a mistake in foods accidentally put into wrong meal. Not user friendly at all.
  • Great for tracking macros but…

    By beingmindful
    It keeps adding my workouts calories and macros. Wish there was an option to turn that feature off. Also would like to see what my target is how much fiber and sugar I am getting every day. Also frequently used items don’t start showing up when I start typing or should at least give me an option to reuse items I eat on a regular basis. Also copy feature from a mean i ate previously would be great as well.
  • There are better apps than this

    By ??!;@
    Difficult to track many essential metrics like sugar and inflexible. Difficult tonadjust for portion sizes. Try ‘My Fitness Pal’
  • Love it, wish there were more tracking features

    By TheJoyfulLife
    Love this app! It is so great at helping me track my caloric intake and my macros! It also provide and overview of the month for your caloric intake. I just wish it did the same for my macros so I can see a month or 6-month overview of my intake.
  • Doesn’t track enough nutrients

    By Vegaschic702
    Doesn’t track micro nutrients
  • Very cumbersome

    By SilviaGioby
    Hard to use. I want to terminate How do I do that with reimbursement Thanks

    By Nilesgirl
    I am truly enjoying this App! It’s easy right out the door and when I add own items it saves them as part of their library…THANK YOU. I’m still figuring out how it ticks but I’m already moving forward with ease of charting my food intake for the day. Super, super easy!
  • Had to manually create all my foods

    By esmikl
    The barcode scanner didn’t recognize most of the foods I scanned. The database didn’t have any of the foods from the weight management program I’m on so I spent a ton of time entering all the foods from scratch in the app. Burned me out after just one day of using. Going back to My Fitness Pal app.