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  • Scam

    By Jaodskhins
    Scam app charged me 9.99 a week after free trial. Cost me $110 to measure 1 item. Trash
  • Buyer Beware

    By Bestamc
    My husband was looking for an app to help measure a couple things. I did not see that this app had a cost/subscription associated with it, so we loaded it to my phone to try. Since it didn’t meet our needs, we weren’t using it. The charge showed up on day 3 mid-day. This is the day I should have been allowed to cancel. I immediately cancelled the subscription when the charge came through, but it was too late. I have not gotten a refund for the charge.
  • Inaccurate Measurement

    By WatsonOlive
    Doesn’t accurately read sizes so you get a measurement that is nothing close to the correct size. I tried to measure my foot and it told me it was larger than 2 ft - not at all true as no foot is 24+ inches - unless maybe you’re an NBA player.
  • Good UI

    By beacgb
    The UI for this app is very clean and user-friendly. I would consider subscribing!
  • Neat app

    By Jinx onenonly
    The app is very cool and takes pretty good measurements. It's easy and fun to use to measure around the room being able to measure behind furniture making it much easier then a real tape measure!
  • Scam: do not get

    By Danielswbts
    Apple should really delete this app. It’s designed to look like their app, but it is not. It immediately requires a subscription after a three day trial. $10 a week is the standard subscription. $10 a week! This is just a scam to get money from unsuspecting people.
  • Accurate measurements

    By Grace12233
    I downloaded this app to use when measuring items outside of my house and it provided accurate measurements. I love how user friendly the app is and even with the free option, there are many options to choose from. I would recommend
  • Decent Measuring App

    This app measures your room horizontally, vertically or both. If you need to quickly measure a floor or wall line, this app is perfect for you! All fees can be avoided for base functionality. Be sure to review the terms carefully!
  • Decent app. Not worth subscribing

    By 13KW43
    I like this app. The measurements seem pretty accurate from what I can tell. It’s a little confusing at first to figure out what to do, but once you use it for a little bit, it’s easy to get the hang of it. I don’t love the subscription model but the app itself is good. My room has furniture all around the perimeter but I was pleasantly surprised to be able to measure the ceiling instead.
  • Accurate Measurements

    By DaisyLTS
    I tried out this app for my office move when I forgot to bring my physical tape measure. Admittedly, I was skeptical about measurement apps, but this one proved me wrong, it’s surprisingly precise. Used it to spruce up my office decor. The interface of the app is easy to navigate and the augmented reality feature adds a new dimension to measuring spaces. Total Lifesaver!