Fambase: Live & Group Chat

Fambase: Live & Group Chat


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Choose Fambase, the best Group Chat application out there! Perfect for families keeping in touch, friends sharing the latest gossip, communities organizing events, interest groups exchanging ideas, or music bands coordinating rehearsals. Build and join group chats, benefit from Live and Multicast features, assign various group management roles, and customize a wealth of group permission settings. Fambase can be utilized as an effective tool for: * Personal Branding - Face-to-face conversations with multiple hosts, providing a unified platform for all team members to stay connected and informed. * Fitness Groups - Make teaching classes more convenient for coaches, keeping your members ready and excited for upcoming fitness challenges. * Music Bands - Conduct live jam sessions and band practices, providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience for fans, thus creating a thriving music community. * Book Clubs - Kickstart seamless group discussions with smooth functioning, setting engaging topics to rapidly initiate enlightening debates. * Fan Interactions - Engage in an intimate interaction with fans through video calls, keeping the fan culture alive and thriving. * Community Bonds - Customize the exclusive group settings, ensuring friendly interaction with every community member. Here's why you should pick us: 1. Tight-kint Community Invite people to join your network's group directly using a unique QR code. The invitation expires within 24 hours, ensuring that only highly engaged individuals become a part of your community: 2. Safe and secure Our app provides a private space for your community to share their thoughts and ideas without fear of spam. 3. All-in-one platform Our app allows you to launch live groups, chat and send private messages, join streams, and send and receive gifts, all in one place. 4. Quality over quantity Rather than flooding your chat with excessive group streaming, we prioritize content flow by inviting up to nine of the most active users to participate. This approach ensures that the community's attention remains focused. 5. A fresh start every day Our app allows you to start a new topic each day and engage in open discussions without any reservations. If someone sends a regrettable message, don't worry – all messages will be cleared after 24 hours. For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us at contact@joinfambase.com.



  • Amazing app

    By Mr_connect3d
    This app has Fast Payout, Interesting Groups, Smooth Live Streams, Meet New Friends, and Great Customer Support.
  • Great App

    By Pinkpollypocket
    Smooth Streaming easy to manage works perfect
  • LOVE

    By Sky Trotter
    So fun to use and talk to other people!
  • Ideal group chat for communication

    By Iddaidaxia
    Love Fambase!I'm thrilled with this app, it’s become a vital tool for engaging my customer. Through Fambase we’ve effectively live stream their offerings and broadcast exclusive deals, which has proven to be an excellent strategy for marketing our products.
  • Garage

    By Dumbyvvgvhchxgxhxhxh
    Garbage you hav to pay to watch lives
  • I'm impressed !!

    By LexBot97
    Best App to connect with friends & network long distance
  • No Support

    By J-DOT
    If your looking for support on this app there is none. Contacting them and getting a response is like staying awake to see Santa Clause, you really wanna see him but in the end you no he’s not real. Seems they only respond to the money makers. There’s also a hidden cap on how many group members you can have. You will start to see people say they can’t join after you hit a relatively low number for your group. Didn’t see that in the fine print. Of course seeing is believing so make your group after reading this and I guarantee you’ll be back to say I wasn’t lying. This seems like a other cash grab app that will disappear without warning one day. But with no support I shouldn’t be surprised. UPDATE Even though you see the reply under this they still didn’t respond after I emailed them again twice and contacted them though the app. Don’t believe the big star reviews they gotta be paid because they don’t respond. When it happens to you come back and reference this review as proof I wasn’t lying. They don’t even have a presence on Twitter now what company doesn’t have that unless it’s a scam ? Or they don’t want people to know how shady they are.
  • Signing up onto the app

    By Slump plays
    I Wish you can use a email instead of a phone number because it’s hard to make account and hard to get a account back if u got a new number

    By Andrewwashere
    This app promotes sex work with identifying your self. So many underage kids can go on this app with out showing that they are over the age of 18+
  • Amazing app

    By kevin_curry003
    Fambase is Awesome! I love this app! Our gym coaches are teaching live here, offering a variety of streams to choose from. I can easily select my preferred courses, join in, and practice with ease. Additionally, the coaches provide professional sports guidance, ensuring an optimal learning experience.