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  • Easy to Use Symptom Tracker

    By Fhjydcbjfdhihgg
    Symptom Tracker is a simple straightforward easy to use app. I use it to track symptoms caused by the multiple autoimmune disorders I deal with daily. I upgraded to premium to allow for tracking more symptoms. I would rate 5 stars if the app had the ability to track symptoms throughout the day instead of the current single log entry per symptom per day.
  • Good for tracking multiple chronic conditions

    By Chickenl1cken
    I mainly chose this particular app because I was concerned about data privacy with the free symptom tracker apps. I don’t want my private health information linked to me and sold to other parties. I am happy with the app so far! It is easy to edit add new symptoms or treatments as they come up. I like that you can choose btwn different rating/severity scales for symptoms. There is an option to rearrange symptoms but I wasn’t able to get them to actually move around for some reason. Filling out the day’s entry is quick and the notes section is helpful.
  • So far so good

    By Curtis 44
    I’ve been having reoccurring episodes of some sort of chest pain with breathing problems. ER said everything was fine so I went looking for an app to track any symptoms I have and the days that I have them to better try to figure out what’s going on. this app seems great. You can input your own symptoms and track the severity of them. If you want to use the free app, you can only input five symptoms so you have to get creative. but so far so good. I think this will help me figure out what’s going on.
  • Privacy concerns but it’s undeniably helpful

    By Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaghjuvgft
    Being able to compare symptoms to identify triggers is a powerful tool in managing health. But I have concerns about the privacy policy so I’m very hesitant to use this app as much as I’d like
  • Wonderful for Chronic Illness

    By Iceberg Cowgirl
    This app is absolutely wonderful for those who suffer from chronic illnesses with multiple symptoms. I have been able to create as many symptoms as I want, and there are several different scales. You can choose from to rate those symptoms. I like that it also has a feature where you can list the treatments that you have tried to help ease those symptoms. There is also a place to write notes which I find very valuable. The only thing that would make us better is to attach photos of your symptoms. I plan on continuing to track my symptoms and treatments throughout the year and can look at the charts to see how I have progressed. There is also a nice feature where you can download it as a PDF and give it to your physician. Absolutely fantastic and I wish I had found this up sooner is absolutely worth a $40 a year subscription especially if you need to keep track of all of your symptoms. Don’t forget you can always write off that $40 as a medical expense and claim it on your taxes!
  • Good basic app!

    By MaplegirlVT
    Easy to use. No annoying pop ups.
  • Good basic and easy to use

    By Colleen0317
    This is a basic symptom tracker that is user friendly and easy to use. Only issue is that you can only have one entry per day. That is an issue for my condition and my journaling as I need to be able to track things throughout the day, month and year. Not worth the $39.99/yr subscription price for my purposes but is on the right track for ease of use compared to others I have tried.
  • Easy to use!

    By cjheaton
    I’m a physician and I give a paper symptom diary all the time. This flexible - I can write in anything - and easy. Patients won’t lose it!
  • Was not given free trial!

    By GoWokeGoBrroke
    I have been using this app for a little while and wanted to test out the paid capabilities. The app said I would get 7 a day free trial before I would be charged the $39.99 full annual fee, however I was charged the full fee immediately!! And Apple is refusing to refund me even though this is misleading and lying!! I do not recommend this app at all since their business practices are underhanded and misleading.
  • Perfect app for me!

    By Big Ter Ters
    I’ve had neurological Long Covid for 2 years now. I use this app every, single day to easily track my symptoms and treatments. The app can also create data reports for you which is very helpful to look for patterns, and to share with doctors. I love this app! Thank you:-)