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  • Game changer for me

    By highsleepykye
    This app makes it possible to track up to 5 symptoms and have notes. It’s helped me, as a person with adhd, see how I’m actually doing over time and is very helpful for therapy sessions in reviewing the weeks events that might slip your mind otherwise.
  • Easy!!!

    By Brinkink
    Tracking is such a chore for me but this makes it easy and shows trends. Trends help identify what could be causing headaches. I also appreciate the reminders to track how I feel.
  • It’s alright

    By Tyrix
    It’s descent, but I would prefer to buy it rather than pay an annual fee for all the features
  • New user

    By тяιѕняяσ
    So far it’s been helpful. I am new to this and leaning how to do will have to use longer to be more honest in review
  • Okay

    By Pam14567
    The date should show in calendar view for easier historical remembrance and offer a record for time of day
  • Works Great! Flexible too.

    By Exacting Mind
    This app works very well. It was thoughtfully developed for its purpose and is flexible enough to quickly track whatever symptoms are concerning me at the moment. Thank you!
  • Helped me feel less crazy

    By Zappi Taurean
    I’ve had on and off health issues forever, but a while back I noticed I was having more off-days than usual. I logged my symptoms every day for four months and ended up getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I don’t think I would have gotten my diagnosis so fast if I hadn’t kept track of everything that was going on, since it’s such a hard condition to diagnose. This app is simple and straightforward and definitely my favorite out of all the trackers I’ve tried.
  • Clean. Simple. Useful.

    By TRRay2
    Thanks for creating an elegant way to gain a high level view of my wellness. Love it. One suggestion: in addition to symptoms and treatments, a third tracker called “routines” where one creates their own yes-no questions to track. Like “morning walk?” Or “morning meditation?”, with the right charts could be amazing: show me symptom X when all of the answers to routine Y are “no”. That sort of thing.
  • Helps!

    By Abby's nano
    Great app! Helps me track my migraines and stomach episodes
  • awesome!

    By gmtch0023
    this app makes keeping up with chronic health issues much simpler, totally worth it