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    By TC-halfblood
    This app caused me to loose my Roblox account. It doesn’t tell you that you must back up your codes, and when you go to use the app after your iPhone automatically deletes it to save space, your accounts are gone. I lost the screenshot I took of the backup codes, so I lost my Roblox account and all of the money I put into it. I hate this app. Do not use unless you are experienced in authenticator apps and know how to back up, use, and plan to constantly log in and out of your accounts.
  • Have to pay

    By benji15651565
    You have to pay for everything these days
  • De parte de corea

    By Cöřėä
    Muy buena me ayudó bastante
  • Does anyone test anything?

    By BarrelRollin
    Camera just continually takes pictures of the QR code without doing anything with them several times a second. Trying to open the activation link says Safari thinks this isn’t a real URL.
  • Charged too soon!

    By Cathesper
    I was charged for this subscription on the day I tried to use it, which was yesterday. I have not had my free three days. I cannot find a place to get my refund! Please give me the phone number or url.
  • Not work

    By Jojothommy
  • Not really a review

    By I am not revealing myself
    Do y’all know how to link an account properly specifically like Roblox which I am having a hard time doing.
  • Makes no sense

    By King Cyrus III
    Another service asked me to use 2FA to login to my account. So I find the Authenticator 7 app and download it. It really makes no sense on how it works. This app is asking me to use a QR code. First of all, the other app doesn’t provide a QR for me to use. Second of all, even it did, how could I possibly scan a code from on my phone from my phone? It’s literally impossible unless I use mirrors or something crazy. Please make this easy to use or provide simpe instructions somewhere on how use it without a QR code.
  • Not one to right a review but tis fire

    By diamondguy97
    This is great it’s super fast and I can get my code pretty fast so W app :) 🔥
  • Worked for a bit then stopped

    By arson 🔥🐸
    I used this app for awhile and it worked fine, but then I got a new phone and had to redo everything and now its trying to make me pay to even use one, in the past I got a limit of 3 but now I cant even do 1?