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  • On skin is the way to go

    By No ads is great
    I love this app it has helped my skin so much and never fails me
  • It was ok

    By Lululemon123🥰😱
    I loved the app in general but I hate how I have to pay for it. I am kinda young and don’t have the money too spend on here. But other wise I liked how the app works. and was very surprised abo it what my makeup ratings where.
  • Not good in my opinion

    By Anonymous Gurl 2
    I think that this app is quite wrong. I scanned a Cerave moisturizer ( It’s a super gentile and kid friendly brand) and somehow it only gave a 35 percent rating? Not sure this app is legit. Also, I think the price is ridiculous, for there are other apps that do similar thing, yet do not charge. Just my opinion guys, I give this app one star. There are so much better apps that do stuff that is similar.
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By siklb
  • Bad app

    By cupcakeunicorn🧁🦄
    Bad app
  • The actual wort app I’ve used

    By kitty cat 4321345666
    So I downloaded this app today because I wanted too know if my skincare was bad and first I did was vasesline it didn’t show the thing I had so scanned another thing which was a eye cream they didn’t show it so that is it I don’t wanna type anymore, so yeah deleting this app forever never getting it back. If you don’t respond to this, I will actually come up to your house and tell that your game is trash you have to pay for it. It’s never actually that good. I thought it would help on because I saw it on YouTube. Well, no the worst actually bye……..
  • Why I don’t like this app

    By unicornlove5793
    If you don’t like to pay for the app and you still want to scan stuff you can but you get a certain amount of scans and if your like me you don’t want to pay so that’s why I don’t like this app but everything else is amazing
  • OnSkin

    By Abercrombie2024
    This app is great! It tells you what skincare is great and not so great. It also helps you build a great skincare routine! Love this app, totally recommend.
  • Why I like this app

    By SMReyR
    Help me realize that my night cream is not a good skin type for me and it is not great for my skin. This app is very helpful and it told me that my eye cream is actually really good for me, but some skin care is not that good for me I learned quite a bit from this app
  • #amazing

    By 🐎queen
    Amazing work so that I don’t waste my money on what is not great.