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AddressX Tracker



Do you live in a remote and secluded area that could be hard for people to find? We know how easy it is to get lost. the address helps your guests find your location for a safe journey. Enter contacts and allow your visitor to track your location. It also lets you find your visitor's current location in real-time and helps you track their journey so that you will always know where they are on a map. This app makes sure that the people visiting you never get lost. Create a profile, enter your location, and add photos, videos, and directions. This will help your visitors find you no matter where you live. the address shows a list of your contacts and their addresses. You can fetch all contacts & search for specific ones. As a visitor, you can start navigating to a location. The person you visit will also see your live location and help you find your destination if you get lost. Other Features - Easy setup and go. Enter your registered mobile number to sign-up. - At photos, videos, and directions of your place. - Track visitors' live location on a map. - Navigate to your contact's address. - Fetch contacts with one tap. - Find people in remote places and never get lost. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: