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  • Unplayable.

    By Pikuptruk
    This is absolutely disappointing, I’ve been waiting for this game for a while, but on my iPad that surpasses the system requirements and is labeled as compatible on the AppStore, it boots me out of the game after telling me the device is incompatible every time I launch the app, on top of that, on my google pixel which also surpasses the requirements, it doesn’t even allow me to download it, saying the phone is incompatible with the version, although it meets the android version and system requirements.
  • 👉👎👎👎👈

    By Offended Call of Duty Fan
    Been working for the Aussie mobile gamers for about a year solid and since the USA release its been “FAILED TO LOAD” followed by glitches, hackers and crash after crash after crash. I wish call of duty cared for its users like it used to. Now you pay for a game and pay in game for special guns and skins and someone buys a Cronus or buys a hack subscription that illegally modifies how the game was intended to be. Stop releasing unfinished slop and presenting it to us like its gold
  • COD

    By 33aqeel
    افضل لعبه للهاتف لحد الان
  • Help

    By Ok show ok
    Every since I did new update my game does work it won’t go past loading screen
  • Idk

    By acegt2020
    Please add a option to change controller buttons binding cus when I play on controller x is reload y is swich guns I like when I y is reload and x is switch
  • Sigue calentando igual

    By Mr17j
    La misma mierd… no arreglan nada calienta mucho donde está el procesador del móvil calienta y hay bugs todavía las texturas más o menos
  • Warzone и его достоинства

    By Sam-KAGE
    Игра отличная. Да, с графикой траблы, но это порт игры с компа, игра сама по себе тяжелая, пришлось понизить графон ради кадров. Играю с IPhone 11, стабильные 60к/с, графика среднячок, все отлично. А если кому-то что-то не нравится- пиздуйте в свой всратый пабг😃
  • Gun lock

    By Ike dono
    The Griefer is still locked on 28/29
  • Lag and bugs

    By Shahramsp12
    I've faced with a huge amount of lags in game specially in combat with opponents. I'm playing this game in iPhone 13 pro max. Even my internet ping is 60ms and much faster as game requires. Please fix this issue ASAP. By the way I'm enjoying playing this game. 🙂
  • Optimización crítica constructiva

    By carlos980208
    Les sugiero que quiten el streaming y pongan todos los datos del juego que el usuario los pueda descargar y así se evitan problemas de sobrecalentamiento del juego por descargas en segundo plano según vamos jugando y se enfoncan en seguir mejorando el juego y los servidores