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  • New notifications

    By Multi year user!
    Please stop flashing your marketing message asking if you want to sign up for notifications. Pretty annoying to have to answer that every time/day your access your app vs. once and done. Causes you to avoid CBS News app and go first to other media apps. Thanks for listening.
  • Improving.

    By joe___
    Better than previous versions. Wish ads were smaller than article pictures. Maybe all other news sites do the same.
  • Bias

    By TLB in NV.
    So tired of hearing you praise Biden, who has not been a good president. And, just use Trump as a punching bag. Please try to be less bias and promote or shame each one equally. I have about another week to see if you start treating them equally. And, why, after a few years, are you promoting the VP? She hasn’t done anything for the last 3 years and your organization is now putting her in a positive light. Not sure how the boarder czar has done anything yet CBSNews talks so highly. It is getting old.
  • Far too many pop-ups

    By Reviewerfromnowhere
    While I enjoy the news coverage, I’m annoyed by the pop-ups. Almost every story has a pop-up video that covers part of the text until it’s closed. Today, I got three pop-ups in a row asking me to subscribe to various subsets of news. Please give us a way to turn off pop-ups or at least code things so that once you close a pop-up, you don’t get anymore during that session. Thanks!
  • CBS Chicago

    By jusesther
    Great App! Everything I expected is right there!
  • I love the news content but hate the app

    By sfoster1283
    I really value and have a lot of trust in quality content and journalism of CBS News in comparison to the other major networks. This app, however, is awful and is in major need of a complete overhaul. Unlike virtually every other significant news app, there are no options to filter or quickly search for news through organizational sections. The options for streaming programs are nice but not a priority for most people who use news apps to read articles instead of viewing videos. The local news section, literally the only other section, would also benefit from coverage of more cities and specific regions (i.e. maybe people living in northern New Jersey might want more news localized to NJ instead of just being thrown under the NYC umbrella). Even the aesthetics are underwhelming and makes the entire app look unfinished. Disappointing for the network historically referred to as the Tiffany Network. I’m not exactly saying Edward R. Murrow is rolling in his grave (although he actually might be for other reasons) but my god, spruce up the app.
  • Cancellation,

    By Lark I
    Just try to cancel! 😡 Could they make it any harder??? Called Google, no help. Called Paramount, no help. No way to do it from the app. Calling the credit card company now.
  • Read More not working

    By DAVISON62642
    When I click on Read More nothing happens and I am not able to access the balance of the article.
  • CBS News app is a bad product

    By Nicknamef
    I have had the cbs news app on my Apple TV for a couple of years. It has been a constant struggle to use and often I just delete it over and over in frustration with how buggy and horrible the app and its interface are. It constantly stalls out, is confusing to navigate, and switches from different interface pages at its own will. I only use it to try and watch CBS Sunday Mornings and 60 Minutes. I say try because it typically doesn’t work after multiple attempts, restarts of the Apple TV and finally deleting and re installing. I would say I am “successful” in watching a program 1 out of every 15-20 attempts. Companies like CBS continue to struggle with keeping any form of viewership alive, yet produce subpar quality Apps and interactive experiences. This should not still be happening and reveals that CBS is still stuck in the 1980’s holding on to their former and well disappeared glory of Dan Rather and Mike Wallace. Those careers perished years ago and so has CBS ability to innovate and deliver a barley decent viewer experience if at all. It’s a shame.
  • “New Student Loan Forgiveness Program” 3/21/24

    By ScienceMarker
    CBS is normally accurate but its title to this article is misleading at minimum, and, as titles go, is wrong. This article is about an existing program that the government is now more frequently honoring, with a glancing mention of a possible program to come in the future. Shame on CBS; don’t slip to Fox levels.