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  • App doesn’t syncs calories burned to Health App

    By 3674595
    Functions fine regarding workout tutorials and crowd meter but as the title says when I go to the Apple health app and view the workout data it says no calories burned and no data present for “Active Energy” when I know I inputted calories burned into the PF app when saving the workout I did.
  • App glitch

    By Ameljo
    App only works when on cellular data not on Wi-Fi
  • Diary

    By duajfbeiajfbaidbsneucbsbd
    Why can I not log into the app and track my fitness on any machine in the gym, why do I need to go an find a separate app to build a fitness program for, please consider this as an additional part of the app.
  • Planet fatness

    By Bballlifeilikebball
    This is the worst gym I’ve ever gone to. I came to Sarasota for a week and decided to join the gym. First, there was a giant bowl of tootsie rolls at the front desk. I thought this was pretty shocking for a gym. Second, there was a lunk alert sign that claimed if you came into the gym with a gallon water you are a lunk and they would sound an alarm. Seems like a pretty backwards idea for a “judgement free zone” especially regarding someone who is trying to drink a healthy amount of water. It also claimed that wearing a tank top is also a lunk which seemed to be very judgmental for a place that promotes the opposite. I understand the statement about slamming weights to a degree but after all it’s a gym not a library. Overall the machines were sub-par and the environment was awful I wouldn’t recommend this gym to anyone.
  • I Cannot Sign-in on my Apple devices

    By Here2help2
    I got a new phone and cannot sign-in. So, I tried my other Apple devices and get the same error message. There was trouble looking up my account. I am able to sign-in to web browsers only.
  • Rip off

    By Whatsthereview
    Charges a heft fee if the payment doesn’t go through instead of having a computer automatically retry the payment.
  • Keytag does not link with Apple watch

    By venmo firs adopter user
    Tried numerous ways to link/pair my apple watch to get the keytag QR access but it seems not working at all. No one at planet fitness could help figure it out and none of the reddit tips worked. How would I be able to do that?
  • Dismayed

    By Kateri7
    While this app is wonderful when it actually works and it did last year - I can’t say I can honestly give a good review to any app that hasn’t worked for me in months; it hasn’t loaded past the initial screen since last year! It makes it less worth while to even go to Planet Fitness in the first place on days when I’m not working out at home or outside and that means money wasted and any friend who’d like to come feel it’s not worth going to that particular gym - when in reality it’s quite nice.
  • Never Works

    By GhostiBabi
    It’s been a month since the app has been available to open. I’ve followed every tip and trick out there and I’ve reached out to support and still nothing.
  • Never loads

    By annoyed nfcu mbr
    The app never loads up. Every time I open it it just keeps “loading”. It’s maybe worked 1 out of 20 times. What gives?