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A source of endless inspiration for the everyday explorer and the insatiably curious, the National Geographic app reveals new insights into cultures, ideas, and discoveries through high-definition storytelling. Your free account gives you access to a personalized feed of the topics you love. DISCOVER groundbreaking articles by pioneers in storytelling. GET INSPIRED by award-winning photos. WATCH over 3,000 captivating videos. EXPERIENCE our rich history through curated archives dating back to 1888. --- National Geographic App subscription offer details: - Annual subscription: $19.99 (12 issues) - Monthly subscription: $1.99/month (1 issue) - Single issues: $4.99/issue - Subscriptions do not include content from magazines published by National Geographic Partners, LLC other than the National Geographic magazine. • Payment will be processed through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. • Your subscription will automatically renew per the billing cycle of your subscription (i.e., monthly or yearly) 24-hours before the end of the current period, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. • The renewal charge for your Subscription shall be the same as the original purchase price, unless you are otherwise notified in advance. • To avoid the billing of fees for the next Subscription period, you must switch off your monthly or yearly Subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. • You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. • You will not receive a refund for the fees you already paid for you current Subscription period and you will continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of your current Subscription period. • National Geographic provides no refunds and you may cancel auto-renewal at any time. All sales are final. • After purchase via iTunes, you will have unlimited access on this device. To activate full subscription benefits on or activate the National Geographic mobile app on another of your supported devices, you will need to set up a profile. Terms of Use:



  • Where December 2018 issue

    By AliXosama
    I have paid my subscription money for getting December 2018 issue until now 3/12/2018 the issue didn’t appear in the app where it will release? I hope you reply to me
  • December 2018 unavailable

    By MedhatGA
    NatGeo issues have always been released well ahead of the due month. The December 2018 is not available for download and today is the 2nd! I wonder what the problem might be.
  • 2 serious annoyances

    By Kona124567
    I love National Geographic and have for a very long time but there are 2 specific things that absolutely drive me nuts about this app: 1) it doesn’t save your place in the article you are reading. It opens the app at the beginning of the article. SO ANNOYING. 2) 95% of the time when I touch the screen when I’m on an article it refuses to bring up the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. You’re literally stuck in the article and can’t go anywhere, forcing you to close and re-open the app over and over again, hoping you’ll get lucky and be able to leave the article. (I’m open to suggestions if this is just a dumb user error) I am very disappointed in the quality of this app. But hey. At least I have access to it on my phone?..been waiting for the actual magazine to arrive as I re-subscribed a few weeks ago. National Geographic, PLEASE fix this!
  • Can’t access subscription

    By Mikeevans12
    I paid for the one year subscription through iTunes. I try to restore it so I can get my new issues and the app freezes. I got the first month when I ordered it but nothing after that. I love the magazine but this app does not let me access subscription. Also because I ordered on iTunes I can’t access the subscription through any other means. I would suggest subscribing from the National Geographic website.
  • Subscription woes...

    By Anithersucker123456
    I subscribed monthly and as of yet I’m unable to download an issue. So far ripped off.
  • Better before update, no bookmarks, no Plus support

    By HobbyGuitarist
    Before updating, when I came back to the app after closing it, it would remember where I was in each article. I tend to read articles a bit at a time on the train, and having to find my place each time is irritating -- especially since it used to be fine. And unlike some others, I actually preferred the page by page scrolling vs continuous. That's not a huge issue if it would remember where I was or provide bookmarks though. The new design also wastes space at the top of eac screen for a new, rather pointless toolbar. I'd rather it maximize screen real estate for the content and provide (infrequently used) tools via some other method. Overall, I love the content, but am disappointed in the new version of the app. Update: the above issues are still problems -- especially that it doesn't remember where you left off reading. And now there's a new problem: the photos for which the magazine receives so much acclaim, do not scale up to fill the screen on the 6 Plus (nor 6S Plus?). Very annoying. Another update: still all the same issues above AND now it won’t keep my issues downloaded I download one and start reading it. When I come back to the app later (next day for example) and the issue is gone and I have to re-download it from scratch. How does this keep getting worse??
  • Good content clunky app

    By heyitsjacob11191
    The app needs some work, but the stories and photos are always good
  • What could make this a better experience

    By mfc08
    Please change it to where if I accidentally swipe left or right from an article, return to the library, or exit the app in general, when I return to my article it would be in the same spot. I spend so much time scrolling trying to figure out where I had been. If I leave safari, for example, to answer a text, I know it'll be on the same spot of the page as it was when I left it. But not the Nat Geo app. This small change would greatly enhance my experience.
  • For National Geographic it needs lots of work.

    By Mygraciecat
    My review date is 10-23-18 since real dates don’t show. I hate the font size keeps going back to minuscule size when you sneeze and pages are a little difficult to return to and not know where you left off, should also have a feature to save an article if you want. National Geographic, you should be doing a better job. Get the magazine.
  • Wow, A Visually Stunning Interactive Mag App!

    By zadiecakes
    I’m so glad I ignored the negative reviews. Maybe for people with older versions of the iPad, some of the features are buggy, but on my 2018 iPad this app provides a virtual adventure world to jump into, rich with stunning photos, videos, interactive diagrams and maps, and 360 views. Unlike some of the reviewers, I don’t mind that some of the pages are laid out in portrait mode rather than landscape mode or that the pages are not all designed to fit to the iPad screen. I get that this may have been an artistic choice by the design team and that some pages just read better when they are arranged in a certain way. In my experience, this makes every page turn interesting and keeps me engaged. I already love the print version of National Geographic, but this just took my subscription to the next level!