CodeRED Mobile Alert

CodeRED Mobile Alert

By Emergency Communications Network, INC

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Thousands of public safety organizations across the United States and Canada use the CodeRED community notification system to initiate emergency notifications. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app enables subscribers to receive these notifications directly to their personal cell phone whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country. Alerts are initiated by authorized public safety officials to deliver location-based notifications and are not issued by OnSolve or its staff. Free alerts available* - Emergency - Community - Missing persons *PLEASE NOTE: If the public safety agency covering your current location is not subscribed to the CodeRED service, you will not receive alerts through this application. If your city or state does not currently subscribe to CodeRED, contact your local public safety organization today to let them know your community would benefit from this service. Helpful hints: • Enable location services on your phone. • The app also features the ability to view local radar footage for the past hour and satellite imagery of the previous 24 hours. • The CodeRED Mobile Alert app comes with a complimentary 30-day trial of CodeRED Mobile Weather Alerts that automatically notifies U.S.-based subscribers of severe weather. The optional CodeRED Weather Warning add-on is $0.99/year, but it is NOT required to purchase in order to receive emergency, general, and missing person alerts. • Your app account and the account you create for your community’s CodeRED system are NOT associated with each other. You must create separate accounts. Questions or issues regarding the app? Before writing a negative review, please contact us – we’re here to help! Email us at or call toll-free at 866-533-6935.



  • A good app

    By John_F._Kennedy
    It has it up and downs but over all a good app
  • Fast push notification for tornado

    By Scoobzor
    I almost forgot I had this app installed until there was a tornado warning issued for my house an hour ago. I received the CodeRED notification a solid 2 mins before any of the 4 other weather apps I have installed. And 15 mins before I got my Seminole County Alert. Not sure what the county is using but 15 mins is too long during a tornado warning.
  • Good app but has issue

    By joecz99
    It’s a good app but will not let you register without an error message.
  • Really worthless interface.

    By Johnmonthrots
    Honestly I don’t get the value of this app. I see there are active alerts but cannot pull up a list nor can I select my area’s alerts. I must be missing something but this really has very little value.
  • Doesn’t Work

    By Clarksvol
    Even though I have notifications turned on, I haven’t received any alerts for many months.
  • Really nice

    By Dgr094683
    Will be important with upcoming weather events.
  • Alerted how?

    By goodluvv
    Alerts don't show up. The amount does but the information does not.
  • Serious issue with app

    By Nor-Cal Reviewer
    Bottom line, this app should have never left the beta testing loop. The app has never worked correctly. It goes off from time to time alerting that there’s an emergency of some sort, but when you log into the app itself, you cant view what the emergency actually is. Not a lot of help to say the least. Beyond this, the app makers make money from local communities that distribute their emergency messages via the app, and then the app maker expects you the consumer to pay for the app to use it too! So you as a tax payer pay for it once, then you as a consumer pay for it again. No thanks. App will be deleted.
  • No ALERT!

    By JoaniebabyNYC
    My daughter just advised me there was a robbery up the street from her house LAST NIGHT! She NEVER RECEIVED ANY ALERT! She had no clue as to what was going on so close to her while she was outside with her 4 year old daughter walking her dog! She knew something was wrong because, She saw helicopters circling! I checked my “CodeRED” app and it said, MY SERVICE EXPIRED! I didn’t pay before , why do I need to pay .99 for a emergency Notification now?!
  • Great App when traveling!

    By ShellGogs
    I rely on the CodeRED Mobile Alert App when I am traveling to receive important notifications. Recently I was in MA and received a Flood warning! Without this app, my safety could’ve been in danger while traveling on the road. Thank you CodeRED!!