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Simple, yet not common. Efficient, yet effortless. Enjoy easier communication, yet keep all the hassles from work at bay. Foxmail now comes to the Mac. Goodbye Bulky Exchange, Specifically crafted for office use with better Exchange support in mind. Without the complex setting process, the agile Foxmail is not merely a tool but a dependable pal you can trust on work. Minimalist Design, Thoughtful design and clarity layout will guide you through every step of the way during use. With gesture support, Foxmail let you experience the way of email client like never before. Support Retina Display, Foxmail is optimized to embrace every pixel perfection on your retina screen. Icons and texts all come to life with extreme detail and exquisite crafting.



  • Don't work for Gmail

    By biotester
  • 经常性崩溃

    By Jennher Wang
    macOS 12.3.1下经常性崩溃,还请完善
  • 你们客户端是在厕所马桶上开发的

    By mario2000710643
  • very nice software but with one annoying bug

    By dantifercn
    when you press cmd q, the software can't quit itself. this is extremely annoying when you are trying to restart the compture. It takes much longer time, and you have to start "activity monitor" to force kill it...
  • Thank you guys for keeping it update!

    By JasonVan
    Simply powerful!
  • Please Add Dark Mode

    By ryangifkfbfl
    All good but no dark mode
  • 求带附件回复功能

    By jycshn
    Mac端的foxmail相比windows下的,缺少了一个回复时带上原邮件附件的功能,默认不带附件,也没有地方可以加上,回复时有时候确实需要把附件带上,比如说公司内部邮件审批的时候。 每次需要带附件回复的时候,我都只能用Mac自带的邮件app操作,十分麻烦。 用foxmail也有个十几年了吧,当年还没有被腾讯收购的时候就在使用,windows下的功能十分完善,希望Mac版本能够在功能和使用习惯上跟windows对齐。
  • long time no update

    By Andy Ma 0086
    This app is no update for long time!
  • Great mail client. Please update!

    By Uddyhgfreewqygvhjjko
    This mail client works great on Windows but the macOS version hasn't been updated in years. This app is dying for an update.
  • Outstanding, with one fatal flaw

    By CalvinMartin
    I’m blown away by this email client! I am a professional writer and I spend hours, daily, writing emails. I have used all of the following email clients: Apple Mail, Gmail webmail,Sweetmail, 4th Office, Boxy, Polymail, Newton, iMail, Kiwi, Airmail, Unibox, Spark, Opera, and probably two or three others. In my experience, Foxmail is head and shoulders above the rest, except for one fatal flaw. The Bcc function is not “blind” in the least; Foxmail treats Bcc addresses the same as Cc addresses — all your recipients will see your Bcc list! This, of course, defeats the whole purpose of Bcc. Worse, it puts you in the embarrassing position of displaying private information to everyone in the To and Cc lines. Aside from this, Foxmail is a work of genius. For my purposes, probably its greatest strength is the way it organizes threaded conversations. All the above email clients fall on their face when handling threaded conversations. Yes, even the ones like Unibox that claim expertise in threaded conversations. Opera is the exception, like Foxmail. Opera also does a superb job with threaded conversations. I implore Foxmail to fix the Bcc problem ASAP. When I do a web search for this problem, I find there were people complaining about it some years ago. This is disappointing. It suggests that the developer doesn’t care. Calvin Luther Martin, PhD