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  • I had this app on iphone and bought it right away on Andrọid.   ‌    ‍

    By Allred_Virginiay
    it's been years since I bought it and has been in use whenever I need to get my sleep back in order which I never get but all I can say is this thing works very well so long you are consistent. it can't fix you if you break your sleep schedule but will help you wake up as soon as it knows it is the right time to see the alarm off.  ‍  
  • I always enjoy getting woken up by this app‍​ ‌‍

    By pulliam_leonp
    because most of the time when I'm dreaming the calm noises from the alarm become part of my dream and I can easily remember most of the events in it. Not to mention the insanely useful sleep quality tracking feature that shows me how long and how well I slept. ‍‌‌​   
  • This is a great app it allows for tons of different settings and a few different waki

    By Armijo Messina
    I've discovered that in using this app, I wake up not feeling like trash and more like i just woke up feeling rested instead. It has a very gentle awakening alarm sound as well and very well functioning smart snooze feature. Links with google health too! I suggest this app for anyone that works an early morning job and needs good sleep or anyone that wants to better improve their sleep schedule.    ‌ ​