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  • Not as advertised

    By Rthomas416
    Says ChatGPT uses same structure to answer which it does but so does this. Asked it several things to make me small little things to test it's capabilities and either says to see a professional or use an app which you have to pay for. Went right back to chatGPT and asked it the same exact questions it did exactly what i asked. I don't care if it's in the same format at least i have answers and i get what I want without having to purchase any other apps
  • Many attempts and does not work.

    By AdrianZachy
    I tried many times to ask things like “benefits of doing a cold plunge”, and “what are the benefits of drinking a gallon of water a day” and I got the same answer every time. “Sorry, I can’t answer that for you.” I thought this was an AI app which would actually give responses to your questions, instead I got the same empty response every time.
  • Worst so far

    By assume nothing
    This is the worst AI assist app I have encountered yet. And they still took my money! In one that most I waited to long to request a refund. I have tried to use this app for things like - basic medical questions, (how much vitamin b12 can one safely take in 24 hours) and other personal questions that could possibly assist me. My response from the AI every single time I have used it is “I am sorry, I am unable to give that information” and then it instructs me to consult a doctor instead. Lmaoooo!!!
  • Less than impressed

    By Thou will not create
    This app is 100% for new AI users, not only did I pay 7 dollars for a week subscription, but it wasn’t able to help In historical cryptocurrency trends when it was offered and just said basically “consult a financial professional”. Then for the business tools or lifestyle tools, j have to pay MORE money? Ya I’m all set. Please work on this app more. I’m not to worried about speed. Ya it’s nice to have a quick response but it only matters when it’s helpful. I’m sure there is ways it can help others but it gives basic answers. It’s a no go for me. Good concept but it needs a lot of tweaking
  • Need voice

    By onewith72
    Need voice
  • Poop

    By Nic557$
    Scammer app don’t buy
  • Great

    By Mortiz1218
    I love it
  • Can't do anything

    By Ap051
    For the three things I attempted to do, which the app should be able to do, the app said it can't do and to contact a professional. The app also advertises being able to do these things.
  • App stopped working

    By Feian
    App decided to stop working all of a sudden
  • Idk

    By Pamela Drawsand’s MacBook
    Each time I enter text an error screen appears.