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  • Pay to win BEWARE

    By yaboi33336
    Me and my partner got this game 6 months ago and when we first played it it was really fun, with options to pay for stuff but not required to get characters or anything like that. But now you have to pay as high as 99 dollars just to be lucky enough to get some points or items to spin a wheel that gives you a 0.1 percent chance to get a character you’ll probably never see again. The game can be fun sometimes but now a days the developers are money hungry and it makes the game so annoying. I’d still play the game but the developers need to know not everything is about money.
  • Beautiful game but..

    By aesthetic-sweetbread
    I just downloaded it and it’s nice and simple and cute, passes the time and I like the story. But then at a certain point you’re forced to romance a girl. Not only is she a loli but I chose a female character to avoid any romance.. nothing against it but the fact it’s not optional is annoying.. it was promising until then, if you want a dating game this is definitely for you!
  • Hehe

    By Akiea_
    I love this game so much it has so many outfits and characters and it’s gender neutral
  • Money sink not worth your time

    By Siagao
    With all these updates, there’s now no guaranteed unlock for characters and is prohibitively more expensive to do anything. I don’t want the lotto system or events scaled beyond anyone’s ability to keep up. I used to spend monthly $20-$30. It’s not worth it. I’ve stopped spending on the game and I’m looking to delete and play something else now. There’s a few characters like Amateratsu I still have no pieces for, won’t be able to unlock, and never will because of how they lock them behind huge price walls. This game’s ads all lie, and it’s clear they don’t care about their players.
  • The games great

    By nexpo559281
    I started playing 3 months ago and haven’t gotten bored I would to see more updates coming to the game and more events in the future
  • Please let us disable the chat

    By MinJossy
    Your update to add more chats is absolutely annoying. Having to see the red dot appear constantly when everyone chatting is annoying. I don’t want to be constantly clearing them. I deleted the game due to it interrupting the flow to the game. It’s extremely distracting having that show up none stop. Please allow us to disable it so we don’t get notified when random people are chatting.
  • Dumb

    By Santoas316
    I just logged in today and lost all of my progress
  • Fun but room for improvement

    By fyeahdani
    I’ve played this game for the past week or two now and it is fun, it takes a lot of time to rank if you choose to do it without real life money but it is very much possible. The VIP is kind of a scam as you have to purchase more of the currency to level it with ease to guarantee you’d unlock all of the characters. Maybe it says somewhere that you have to but I didn’t see it. My final note I would REALLY love it if we could change our own characters outfits so each player can have a unique character with the ability to unlock them in-game without spending a ton of real life money. either way; it’s a fun way to kill time and it’s a good way if your fingers need something to do. You can unlock new buildings, fish, care for a garden and have a restaurant. It’s not only about waifu’s.
  • No moneylender

    By Beansman274758
    I wanted to befriend the heartless moneylender and build legitimate businesses together but you can only talk to the wenches. 1 out of 5 only a pittance of moneylending present in the game. Add more heartless moneylender!
  • Cute game with uncomfortable character tropes

    By demironpa
    It’s a charming, idle game about collecting big boobed women, but I prefer my ladies to have full autonomy and don’t explicitly act like children. Also since when do you take your family on dates and treat them like a pet/ lover.